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How to Declutter Before Moving House?

The things that you own, define who you are or what you are passionate about. But that doesn’t mean you will only buy the things that you like the most. After all, how a house will look without any pieces of furniture or home decor. But slowly you stop using a few items of your household. And then a time comes when you find the goods around you resting unnecessarily.

It’s important to declutter your house to keep it well arranged and organized. But most people don’t get enough time to do this. Relocation gives them a chance to get rid of such unwanted goods.

If you are planning to relocate your home from one city to another or even if you are moving locally, get rid of the unwanted goods that are not useful, or you don’t use them anymore.

Decluttering not only helps in getting rid of unwanted goods but also reduces the volume of your goods, making your move hassle-free and budget-friendly for you.

Before you step into the process of decluttering your house before moving, we will discuss the importance of moving with fewer items.

How less stuff makes your move easier?

Experts advise relocating home with less stuff because that makes your move easier. No matter whether you are doing it yourself or moving with professional packers and movers in Mumbai, if you have fewer goods you can relocate your home without any hassles.

Moving with fewer items means less stress. Also, this will reduce the transportation charges. Your valuable time will save because you are not required to pack the goods that you don’t need.

So, get rid of those items that you don’t use or will not use in the new house.

If you are thinking about how you can get rid of the goods before moving, then keep reading the article.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Goods?

  • Inspect your house

The step in getting rid of goods is to inspect your house thoroughly. First, check all the items that you own and decide which ones you want to keep. Make an inventory list of all the items and tick off the goods that you don’t want to keep.

Then make a separate list of the unwanted items. This will make the task of categorizing easier for you based on their uses and requirements. The goods that are nothing more than clutter for you like the old clothes that don’t fit you anymore, old appliances, broken furniture, outdated home decors, etc.

Tips to Discard Goods Before Moving

  • Sell

How about making money from the things that you don’t even use or are just clutter for you? Yes, you could do this by having a garage sale or just an online auction of your old dresses or antiques? And I would say, go for it. Not only this will help you to lessen the volume of your goods before moving, but also to help you make some money.

There are several online portals where you can sell used clothes that are only worn by you a few times. Also, you will find buyers for your old furniture that you want to replace with the new stylist ones, etc. Selling the goods you don’t want or can’t move with, will help you to make money that you can utilize in other expenses during the move.

  • Donate

In my opinion, one of the best things an individual could do to help people needy without spending money is a donation. It’s not always required to donate money to poor people, you can help them by giving them food, clothes, shoes, medicines, etc.

If you want to donate your clothes, winter wear, shoes, or any other things to people then go to a nearby NGO. And if it’s not possible just give them a call, the NGO team will come to pick up the things from your residence.

So, donate all the items like your kids’ toys, old books, old clothes, shoes, blankets, winter wear, food, quilt, mattresses, etc. This will help you save money during goods transportation, as the transportation costs are based on the total volume of the goods you want to move.

While searching online for the best packers and movers in your locality, find out the address or contact details of NGOs or organizations that accept donations and help you to donate your goods. Also, check for the websites where you can sell your used items and make money.


The volume of your belongings will determine the cost of your move or packers and movers Mumbai charges. So, try to move with as few items as possible. And, I hope the above tips will help you to declutter unwanted goods before moving.

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