How to Design Custom Volleyball Uniforms

When it comes to creating volleyball uniforms, customizing yours is not as difficult as you might think. There are several things you need to consider. These factors include fabric, colors, and sizes. Listed below are some tips for making your design as personalized as possible. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to ask questions! Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more intricate, we’ve got you covered.

Sublimation printing

The process of dye sublimation printing uses heat and pressure to produce the desired design. The ink is designed on a special paper and then subjected to heat. Once the ink reaches the desired temperature, it transforms into a gas. Once the desired pattern is achieved, the heated gas penetrates the fabric and imprints it permanently. Sublimation printing can produce virtually any design. Regardless of size, the process will produce uniforms that are breathable and lightweight.

Volleyball players wear customized volleyball uniforms with logos and emblems of their teams. Logos are also important since they bring them into the spotlight. Moreover, players’ names and team mottos can be printed on them to set them apart from their opponents. Sublimation printing for custom volleyball uniforms offers high quality prints with excellent detail. In addition, you can also purchase volleyball uniforms in bulk to get significant discounts for bulk orders.


Volleyball players are always on the move on a beach or hardcourt, so uniforms shouldn’t be a big deal for them. Custom volleyball jerseys are a great solution for this issue, as they are made with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics and are guaranteed not to fade or crack over time. Printed designs are permanent with sublimation technology, which embeds the design into the fabric under high heat.

The printing process and type of fabric used in the making of these uniforms are essential components. You want the designs to be high-quality and last for years. Choosing the right fabric is crucial, as it will determine the durability of the uniform. It is important to check the quality of printing and make sure the colors will not fade easily. You can also use software to help you determine what design to include on the custom volleyball uniforms.


Custom volleyball uniforms have two major parts – the top and bottom. Both must be a uniform color to match the other. The top, also called a jersey, must be skin tight and cover the midriff. The bottoms are either form-fitting pants or spandex shorts. Undergarments should match the bottom colors. These two pieces should coordinate with each other. Listed below are some tips for choosing the right colors for your volleyball uniform.

Customized volleyball jerseys can be made with a variety of fabrics. The Dyna Dry fabric is made of flat backed mock mesh. It is available in several styles, including Flex Dry, Aerobiber, and Stretch Tec. Contact a sales representative for more information. Choose a color that works with the color scheme of your uniform and make sure that the print is visible. Custom volleyball uniforms will increase your team’s popularity.


The first step in making custom volleyball uniforms is choosing the correct sizes. Whether you need large or small, you will need to consider how many uniforms you need. Larger quantities will result in a lower cost per piece. Also, make sure to choose the proper heat transfer material. This material will help you prevent ink waste. Once you’ve chosen the right size, it is time to add decoration. For this, you can use various materials, including sublimation printing.

If you’re planning to make commemorative patches, make sure to choose a fabric that won’t block the squad’s number on the jersey. Also, remember that undergarments should match the primary uniform color. Finally, use the correct file format. Vector files and digital images are ideal for printing on custom volleyball uniforms. Some manufacturers also offer design services, but you’ll have to share the final pattern with them so they can make sure everything matches.


The season never ends on the beach or the hardcourt for volleyball players. They spend an entire year training and refining their skills. With custom volleyball jerseys, they don’t have to worry about the uniforms getting dirty or losing their color. The dye-sublimated printing on uniforms won’t fade or run and the moisture-wicking fabrics will keep the players cool and comfortable. Aside from being durable, the uniforms will not cost you a fortune.

High Five Volleyball is a local company that offers premium volleyball uniforms. Their jerseys feature true hue technology and strategically placed seams. These volleyball jerseys feature moisture-management technology to promote maximum mobility and win serves. You can even get jerseys with your own team’s name and logo on it! The uniforms are available in girls and women’s sizes. The custom jerseys are available in six colors, including white, black, and gray.

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