How to find the best Steuerberatung Wien in your city

A tax consultant is a person who has deep knowledge regarding tax codes and gives advice related to taxes. He enables people to deduce the amount of tax-paying and manage all tax-related situations. A good tax consultant can save you millions per year. But for that, you need to find the best tax consultant with proper skills. 

Finding a tax consultant is not a tiresome task as you can easily find many Steuerberatung Wien. But finding the one that matches your frequency and understands your aims, helps you save money, and gives you the best tax-related advice is significant. 

Steuerberatung Wien possess a wide range of qualifications, so you need to do your homework exactly to find the best. Once you know what you are looking for in a tax consultant, you can easily find them. If not in the firm nearest to your house, you can find it online. 

Here are some simple tips for recognizing the best tax consultant or tax consultancy services.

Understand what you want 

The first step in finding the best tax consultant is to know what you want. Ask yourself the following questions to understand what you want. 

1)Do you want them to prepare your tax return?

2) Do you need tax planning advice?

3) Do you want someone with an awareness of numerous details of the different tax systems? 

4) Do you already have legal issues? 

5) Do you want to resolve all issues related to international taxation? 

6) Do You want them to help you deal with the tax authorities?

Knowing answers to these questions helps you decide what you expect from the tax consultant, then you will accordingly understand what you are searching for in a tax consultant. 

Suitable credentials 

Secondly, you need to make sure that the Steuerberatung Wien has the proper quantification. It’s better to find a tax consultant from a firm with persons with different qualifications. You can see as you need. Another thing that you need to remember is to study the state’s requirements to recognize tax consultants. If you don’t know about this, the first task is to find out about it. Some countries require a central approval license, while approval licenses are mandatory in some states.

Furthermore, some countries have tax consultancies that are the association of the tax consultant. For example, Steuerberatung Wien is a firm of tax consultants and advisors. Certified tax consultant needs to join these teams legally, and they work as a firm. If you find that the person claiming himself as a tax consultant is not certified and is not legally associated with a firm, reconsider your decision to hire him.

You can also search for the tax consultants in the member directory of your city. Make sure you verify the identity of the person. You can also search for tax consultants online. Check their locations, license, certificates, and then hire them.

Look for the qualities in tax consultant 

1. Find passionate tax advisors

Certified public accountants are the best tax advisors. If you are a business owner, then look for a certified public accountant. He will be the best for carrying out all the services and give you the best advice. 

2. Look for a CPA with an outstanding tax education.

The education and knowledge of tax advisors have a direct impact on saving long-term tax. The best CPAs who graduated from the top universities and have a good experience will give you the best tax advice. 

3. Look for CPA, whose thinking is nonlinear.

Some consultants think in a particular direction for each of their clients. It would be best if you went for the one who has a different plan for different clients. The best one is those who decide how to reduce tax by using their creative thinking. First, they should analyze your situation and then use their creativity to design a unique strategy to overcome high taxes. 

A sophisticated consultant advises pre-paying the taxes to save your amount. Furthermore, he can also recommend postponing paying the tax. At the same time, the right person will make a long-term plan that will save your tax permanently. He will use the tax codes and tax-related knowledge to create a lifelong strategy to reduce tax amounts. 

4. For the long term, gains invest in the best advisor

Do not hesitate to invest in the best advisor even if you find him costlier than anyone in the market. You might find an advisor who charges a lot more than others. See who helps you to deduct taxes. If he is helping you reduce 50359$, then it’s worth paying more than another advisor in a year.

Find the one who asks you a question

No one can know the business better than the person who owns it. So, the advisor needs to gather information about your business from you and then make further plans regarding the payable amount. When he asks you questions and diagnoses how you pay taxes, he could only help you do significant tax savings.  Moreover, Your business-related financial goals and long-term aspirations give a better idea to them how they can have a strategy to save taxes lifelong. 

Be Picky

Some people tend to settle for the first option they get in a path. However, they should know that they have many better opportunities in front of them. When choosing a tax consultancy, do not hurry. First, ensure whether you can rely on the advisor. It would be best if you also remembered that no two organizations have exact needs. So, you need to ensure the tax consultant does understand your goals and business.

You can also google the name of tax consultancy service and know-how they have provided services to earlier clients. Is there any case against them? Have they landed in any legal problems? Find this on Google. 

Ask the right questions.

When you have an interaction with the tax advisor, begin with asking them the right questions. If you have a more complicated system, it becomes mandatory for you to talk about it freely.

  • Briefly ask them the given questions.
  • Have they dealt with similar cases before? What experience do they have in the field?
  • From where did they get the knowledge regarding the field? 
  • How much time will they require for the work?
  • Do they do the whole work by themselves? Or outsource the work?
  • How much will they charge you? What are their criteria?
  • Are they trying to cure the fees and then reveal them in the invoice? 


Hiring a Steuerberatung Wien for your taxes is a great decision. It will positively impact your business and your legal status.  Also, you can save much of your profit amount. So, Look for an authorized and certified consultant who will give you perfect knowledge about the rules and laws of taxes. Furthermore, who is interested and going to try best to reduce your chances of an audit. Who would carry out all the procedures according to tax rules and save you from any clashes with the tax authorities? Once you are sure that the tax consultant is as you want, hire him for your tax-related services and save millions over the years.

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