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How to Increase the Popularity of Your YouTube Channel and Videos

Billions of viewers log on to YouTube each month, watching billions of hours of video. The competition for viewers’ attention on YouTube, though, numbers over 23 million channels. How can you advertise your YouTube channel without risking the misplacement of your videos?

Don’t worry about it. In this article, I’ll educate you about twelve promotion strategies that can increase your YouTube views and your income. I advise you to take a look at a few extra YouTube tools that will boost the efficiency of your workflow and the success of your marketing initiatives.

As I indicated in the post on YouTube statistics, the YouTube algorithm, which is based on artificial intelligence, determines 70% of what users watch, so let’s start with the key elements of the algorithm.

Note that this article contains affiliate links. It suggests that I will make money if you sign up via my link (at no extra cost to you). I only endorse products that I value and like using. I appreciate your support.

You Should Pay Particular Attention To Two Vital YouTube Algorithm Elements.

Getting someone to click on your video and start viewing it is no longer sufficient. The YouTube algorithm rewarded material with a large number of views up to 2012. In order to maximise long-term audience engagement and enjoyment, it has now undergone remodelling.

The two most crucial elements are as follows:

the duration of a video’s viewing.

The total amount of time spent on YouTube (also known as session time).

You must increase user engagement while concentrating on retention because the algorithm “follows the audience.” The programme also relies on replies that include “not interested” and “likes/dislikes.”

Promote YouTube creators analyse their data to determine what behavioural trends are responsible for the sharp decrease in their audience. For instance, Tim Schmoye’s customer saw that his audience shrank everytime he used the word “module.” He stopped using the word in his films as a result, and the retention curve flattened.

How can you make your sessions longer?

Although there are a few strategies you’ll see later on in the essay, consistently posting once a week is a great strategy. Your video is the first one in their YouTube playlist as a result. That is truly valuable.

1. Spend time working on YouTube SEO.

The third-largest search engine on the planet is YouTube. You can get free views each month if you can position your video at the top of the YouTube search results.

How can you raise your position?

Here are a few things to think about:

In the title and description of your video, use pertinent keyword(s): YouTube’s algorithm is capable of parsing text directly. By including your target phrase in the metadata, you ask YouTube to consider it while evaluating the query.

How can you develop a sentence that perfectly sums up the information in your video? It’s really basic keyword research, and I suggest using a tool like Promozle for it.

The following should have closed captions:

By adding subtitles, you enable interaction and expand your audience to people all around the world. If your speech occasionally gets a little choppy, it also enhances the user experience for your regional viewers.

Construct Your Own Thumbnails:

The thumbnail serves as a potential audience member’s first visual impression of your video. If you catch their eye with a vibrant thumbnail and peak their curiosity with your headline, they are more likely to click through.

Engagement: After clicking on your video, it’s crucial that people engage with it. Do most of your viewers watch at least 50 percent of your video? Are they also watching your channel and commenting on or like your videos? The better, the more participation.

Pro tip: You may also use tags from related videos to your own. These tags might or might not raise your YouTube search ranking. However, you can increase traffic by drawing some attention to the page of “suggested videos”.

2. Assist other media organisations

Do you wish to connect with a group of people who haven’t heard of you before?

After that, work with other creators. Cross-promotion is a great way to increase your audience size quickly. Simple mechanics are employed. When a creator with a comparable audience (and probably different stuff) recommends your content, instant social proof is produced. It convinces their intended audience to research you.

Find channels that resemble these to find potential collaborators:

Influence: Your chances of securing a partnership are minimal if you are contacting a channel that has ten times as many subscribers as you do. If not, you’ll have to give them something else valuable.

Audience Type: You can have a look at your audience’s viewing habits and interests. In your comments section, you can locate a few fascinating creators to collaborate with.

A great resource for locating channels with comparable demographics and sizes is Social Blade.

3.Utilize additional social media platforms to promote

Are you already popular on another social networking site?

Even if you only have a few hundred friends and followers, you can still gain some traction for your new films. I coordinated updates with my friends and family within the first 24 hours after a video’s publication.

The interaction and social proof metrics from the first few hours after the video was published determine its position in SERPs.

As a long-term plan, you might also want to get in touch with websites that have included videos comparable to yours in their articles.

Even if a website has already written on a subject, you can still get in touch with them and explain how your video enhances their post by providing “material.” They are able to linger on the page longer as a result.

Inform your audience about your new flicks if you already have an email list or website. It’s a great method for grabbing people’s interest and getting them to look at your information. The YouTube algorithm uses these first interaction numbers to decide whether or not to continue sharing the video on the network.

4. Request help from your audience.

In comparison to other social media platforms, the YouTube audience is more accustomed to call to actions. The reason for this is the “Like,Comment,And Subscribe” culture that video artists have built on the platform.

You can directly ask your visitors for support at these critical times:

The video starts off with:

You can ask visitors to “press the bell symbol” in order to be informed.

End screens: When a video ends, viewers “expect” an engagement bait. The retention rate consequently declines. Continue speaking while the conclusion screen is displayed, being careful not to switch frames.

The majority of users will pass over the description of your movie.

You can still ask for your channel’s videos to be shared here.

5. Make use of YouTube Stories and the Community Tab.

Because these two resources are so recent, not all creators can use them.

They represent YouTube’s effort to give its users a complete social networking experience.

If your website has a community area, you can interact with your audience by asking questions. The School of Life uses it to disseminate written works.

While these quick video posts are equally transitory, they differ in that they are only accessible for seven days. Currently, only channels with more than 10,000 members can access the tales.

Regular user communication is a priority for vidIQ, which also posts the results as a story on their YouTube channel.

6. Become a Netflix Suite member

You might receive a few hours of viewing time for one excellent solo video you create. On the other side, making a series is a better way to promote binge-watching.

The first step is to select a subject that will interest your intended readership. If you have sufficient data and have been a YouTube creator for a while, you may determine the same thing by looking at your YouTube Analytics. Additionally, you can use keyword research software.

Once you’ve chosen a subject, you may create an engaging series script. After you’ve practised and polished the series, put it into production. Release a few trailers for your movie before it comes out to increase interest.

Lastly, there are two ways to distribute the series:

Additionally: This is the standard Netflix approach, which is practical and gives your users a consistent viewing experience.

At regular intervals: Weekly release can further heighten interest in each episode. A playlist can also be added to each new video. It piques the curiosity of your viewers and compels them to frequent your channel.

Due to their high production costs and great storytelling skills, series are an underutilised asset on YouTube. But if done properly, it may be used to advertise your YouTube channel.

Create a playlist for the entire series of the aforementioned videos. A video can appear in as many playlists as it likes, but only one series playlist can contain it. Therefore, playlists like this one could aid in broadly classifying your channel.

7. Organize Your Videos Into Playlists

Even if you’re not creating a series, each of your videos needs to be in at least three playlists. When created properly (keeping the audience’s experience in mind), a playlist is an excellent technique to lengthen your users’ session times.

What is the most effective approach to promote your playlists? They hardly ever come up in searches on YouTube. On the other hand, end screens can be utilised to direct visitors to similar videos on your channel. It’s an excellent way to make a session last longer.

You can also add videos from other channels to your playlists when it makes sense to do so. The duration of the user’s session will lengthen if the viewer who found your film through them enjoys it.

8. Increase Traffic Using The Big Search Daddy

How would you like Google to continuously send viewers to your videos?

Despite the fact that Google’s video SERPs have progressively increased, the majority of creators remain within the YouTube ecosystem.

In fact, Google displays mixed media content or, at the very least, promotes YouTube video content for select queries. If you can get a clip for your video, the eye-catching thumbnail will promote your channel frequently.

To optimise your video, enter the keyword in Google and go down to the video carousel. Even better would be to find a video-specific SERP. Determine the length of your films, the names they should have, and the type of information Google prefers next.

Please remember that the SERPs for videos are always changing. Verify if the video results have been reliable and have long been bringing in organic traffic. Ahrefs is an excellent resource for this.

For instance, the phrase “how to tie a knot” yields the following results.

9. Conduct a contest or giveaway

A contest is a great way to interact with your audience and increase traffic on your channel. Because participants desire to share their contributions with their personal networks, they not only boost engagement but also expose your channel to a new audience.

Think about the situation that follows. Guitarist Rob Scallon invited his followers to take part in a cover contest with his video Fingerpicking 101. He collaborated with Yousician for the same.

During the course of the month-long contest, he got 116 entries. He announced 20 awards in addition to the winner, who was given a Rob Scallon Chapman guitar.

And guess what else?

If other producers are your target market, you can receive a lot of fascinating and entertaining crowdfunded content.

Getting a company to sponsor your contest is a great idea if you don’t have any of your own products to give away. If everything else fails, consider giving out a prize that has a high perceived value. For instance, Rob Scallon hosted his first competition based on the same song in 2010. The Rob Scallon CD was given to the contest’s winner.

You can send emails to the appropriate people at the target company with your partnership proposition.

10.Be a part of live streams to get your channel looked at.

Have you noticed the comments that request subscribers for my family to my channel? They do cause inconvenience, yes. I bring them up because there is a similar but more sincere method to advertise your channel.

On YouTube channels like vidIQ, you may take part in live channel reviews. In addition to learning insights that might help you expand your channel, it offers free exposure for it. Even though it won’t have much of an impact, it can help new YouTube creators.

The schedule for their audits is published by vidIQ on their YouTube channel. Make a note of the following one in your calendar: vidIQ YouTube.

11. Reverse-engineer tried-and-true topics while utilising current trends

When Jennelle Eliana acquired a million followers with just two videos, she had a fantasy YouTube journey. precisely what did she get right? First, she carefully chose topics that were in high demand. Check out how many times “van life” videos have been viewed.

She picked a well-liked topic, which is the second crucial aspect. It suggests that the season and the increase in “van life” content are to blame for the upward trend on YouTube. The search term “van life” was starting to gain popularity, as shown in the graph below.

Watch out for popular culture themes like “Star Wars” in December. To stay up to date with current happenings, you can also use “Google Trends.”

12. Remember To Use The Basics Of Filmmaking

As was already discussed, gaining a lot of views will help you become well-known and give you rewards from the YouTube algorithm. Sure, techniques like having a compelling hook and creating lengthy films are fantastic.

On the other side, your story is the fundamental strategy that determines whether or not a viewer is emotionally involved. For each sketch, you should preferably have one main idea. Then, all of the components in your video should reinforce the main idea. It will be a distraction if you veer off from it.

Casey Neistat advised, “You need to pick something that an audience is interested in. I’ll then present it to them in a manner that they will find intriguing.

There are a few additional factors to take into account:

Jump cuts are a great way to re-engage a viewer who is ready to lose interest when used selectively and tastefully.

It’s All About Audio: Producing beautiful images doesn’t need investing a lot of money on expensive equipment. On the other hand, maintaining a high-quality audio output is essential for a positive listening experience.

Final thoughts

There are a tonne of interested viewers on YouTube. This is an amazing chance for marketers and video makers. However, it’s simple to become lost among the hundreds of hours of video that are posted every day. Consider how you’ll promote your movies and persuade people to watch them instead.

In this essay, you saw twelve practical methods to accomplish it. They will require time and effort to refine, but most creators have access to them (even ones low on marketing budget).

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