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How To Install Wooden Swimming Pool In Your Garden

The advantages of a wooden swimming pool

As its name suggests, a wooden swimming pool is a basin whose support is made of solid wood , wrapped in a thick plastic liner pocket, guaranteeing its watertightness. Currently, the wooden pool is the type of pool that sells best on the market. The material from which this relaxation area is made is what makes it so successful. Its warm and natural appearance makes wood an attractive material. Compared to other pools, the wooden pool also fits much better in a garden. You can also contact Swimming Pool Builder Construction Company in Leicester.

Wooden swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the model that will best suit the surface area you have. In general, we distinguish:

  • The square pool
  • The rectangular swimming pool
  • The octagonal pool
  • The hexagonal pool

The rectangular wooden pool is the most popular thanks to its practicality and timelessness. Equipped with a swimming lane, this model gives the possibility of practicing swimming on a daily basis and can also be a good ally for diving enthusiasts.

One of the advantages of wooden pools is the simplicity of their assembly. If you opt to buy a kit, installing a wood-fired pool will only require about two to three hours, if two or three people do it. For solo editing, it takes an average of three days. The prices of wooden pools vary widely depending on the model. You can therefore easily find the pool that suits your budget.  Comfort, robustness, beauty and user-friendliness are still so many advantages of a wooden swimming pool.

Choosing the right wooden swimming pool

The main criteria that you must take into account. Before proceeding with the purchase of a wooden swimming pool are your budget. The surface you have available to install the pool. Whether it is a made-to-measure pool or a kit, be aware that the durability of your pool depends on the origin of the wood chosen (lifespan: 10 years minimum). Wood is a material that is gradually disappearing because it is subject to traffic. So, check that the wood in the swimming pool is certified by the PEFC (European Program for Certified Forests) or FSC (Forest Security Council) label, if you do not want to contribute to illegal deforestation.

  • Class 1: dry wood with a moisture content of less than 20% for interior wood (floors, framework, joists, paneling).
  • Class 2: dry wood with a humidity rate rarely exceeding 20% ​​for interior wood.
  • Class 3: wood displaying a humidity rate often higher than 20% for exterior wood, without any contact with the ground (exterior joinery, windows, etc.).
  • Class 4: wood whose humidity is always above 20% for exterior wood in contact with the ground (pontoons, piles, fences, etc.).
  • Class 5: wood in constant contact with sea water.

The wood used to make a swimming pool must be able to resist fungus, insects and rotting. According to the standard, woods of classes 4 and 5 are then the only choices for the manufacture of wooden swimming pools. Exotic woods are the most popular thanks to their natural resistance. But if manufacturers opt for classic wood like pine, they must surface or autoclave treat it .

Installation and maintenance of a wooden swimming pool

For the installation of your wooden swimming pool, choose the place with the best level of sunshine and which is away from trees, in order to prevent leaves from falling into the pool. It is best to install the pool on a flat surface, without roots, pebbles or rocks. The wooden pools delivered as a kit are easy to assemble because you just have to follow the instructions. But for a quick and efficient installation of your wooden swimming pool, you can also call professionals. You can also contact Swimming Pool Builder Construction Company in Leicester.

Three installation methods are possible: above-ground installation , semi-buried installation and buried installation . According to the legislation in force. You must initiate administrative procedures with the town hall. Before installing your wooden swimming pool. Except for removable above-ground swimming pools with a surface area of ​​less than 20m² and a height of less than ‘one meter. A semi-buried poolor buried uncovered less than 100 m². Or not exceeding the ground level by more than 60 cm requires the filing of a declaration of work at the town hall. For any semi-buried pool of a large surface. A building permit is required. Don’t forget that private swimming pools must set up a safety device according to the standard. Before the first impoundment takes place. In order to protect the wood of your swimming pool against the actions of UV rays (discoloration), use specific products such as a saturator or a sober.

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