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How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Find your Home Pet Friendly

Are you planning a home especially for you and your pets together?

Please give more focus to pets and consider their particular needs.  Research about common household items that are hazardous to pets and not humans? Keep reading to learn what you should be looking for, and how a little planning about your home can go a long way to help you streamline your daily routine smoothly and keep your pet safe and happy.

Now people are showing keen interest in having pets at home. Due to the covid pandemic number of people having pets in Kerala increased a lot. A lot of pets are been growing in flats and villas. A lot of villas and flats are now built as more pets friendly. visit villa projects in pala and Kottayam by ponmankal Home.

All-Four corners Inspection

First, try to think from the side of your pet. Get a sense of all the dangerous things to them. Thoroughly inspect areas that your pet can easily access by climbing or jumping. Here are some dangerous hazards to Inspect

  • Inspect and find for any choking, strangulation, electrocution, and suffocation properties or particles. Keep window cords short, cut through any loops, and cover wires and electrical cables.
  • Don’t keep human food items and medications where pets can access them. Eliminate ladders from your home, especially in the kitchen so that pets can climb to elevated areas like kitchen countertops and tabletops. Discard the perishable trash daily to keep pets away from it. keep trash odor free with baking soda and a tight-fitting lid for the trash. One pet-owner favorite is the stainless steel Trash Can with foot pedal technique.
  • Make sure to keep indoor plants pet-safe. Some indoor plants are toxic for pets. Lilies are dangerous for cats. Other toxic, plants include amaryllis, aloe Vera, poinsettia and mums.
  • Pets can often access cupboards open to access home cleaning products including pesticides, fertilizers, and other hazardous items. Consider latching them shut. Keep your cupboards not accessible for kids
  • Not let your pet access antifreeze .since the smell and taste of the stuff are appealing especially to both cats and dogs. Almost 10,000 pets die yearly due to antifreeze poisoning. Keep it in a latched cabinet or on a high shelf, and use it carefully.
  • Keep your toilet lid always down. Keeping the toilet lid down also eliminates the risk of a drowning hazard.

Carving Out a Space

Give your dogs and cats their own outer space and you won’t have to worry about them. A hazard-free open zone, with a cosy bed, water source, and toys will help with this. Other convenient features include a separate sink to wash feeding bowls. Maintaining adequate storage for accessories. well-trained pets are less likely to make trouble during the night. 

Paw-Safe Flooring and Fabrics

Accommodate your home with fabrics and flooring materials that’ll make it less messy for you. Stylish, easy-care leather can be wiped clean easily. Carpet isn’t the best choice for pet owners, but if you must go wall-to-wall, choose a colour that goes matches your pet’s hair and colour (it’ll mask pet hair) For lightweight dogs, hardwood with adequate urethan will be an easy-clean choice. For heavier dogs, ceramic tiles will be the best option.

Clean Pet, Clean House

Find time to groom your pet yourself and that will be a lot of money and travel time and need less time cleaning the house. Regular nail clipping keeps everything scratch-free, while regular brushing keeps hair in the brush instead of, well, everywhere else. Brush before and after your pets to keep drain-clogging hair to a minimum. Vacuum and clean the pets.

Petscaping for making Home Pet Friendly

Before you let your pets out into the yard, rather than taking care of preventing flea attacks and tick prevention, You’ll have to determine whether you need to build or add more structures and fences. identifying toxic plants in your landscape is also very important. 

Feeding Time

Are you Buying bulk to save on pet food? Then store it appropriately in good containers to avoid contamination. Also to slow the vitamin and nutrient degradation process. Storing bulk food in large trash cans in the garage is a fairly common practice, but this can contaminate your food. Make sure to purchase a special food storage container or visit a local food establishment to claim a food-grade plastic bucket that’ll soon be headed for the trash heap.


Making your home pet friendly  will be a dream ,If you are planning to have more pets in your home. Try to find a good pet friendly atmosphere. All pets manage to bring so much joy into our lives. They make us more comfort when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us no matter.

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