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How to make Youtube Video

How to make Youtube Video

Today many people earn money sitting at home through youtube and this is a very good way to earn money online which you can earn both money and name but for this you have to create Youtube channel and upload Youtube videos continuously only then you can get success on Youtube.

You get a lot of such information easily on the Internet, how to make a Youtube channel, but creating a youtube channel is not enough, but it is a big deal to make it successful by continuously uploading youtube videos on it.

how to make youtube video

Because today Youtube has not been as easy as before. Now if you create a youtube channel, then it is very difficult to get View and Subscriber on Youtube videos. This is happening due to the increasing competition on Youtube and the changing Youtube algorithm.

That’s why you have to keep uploading Youtube videos on your Youtube Channel. When any of your Youtube videos become viral or go, after that all your old videos also start getting Views and Subscriber. So to be successful on Youtube, the best. It is important to make Youtube Videos

Today we are going to give you complete information about how to make Youtube Video. This post will be very beneficial for those people who are new to Youtube or want to become a Youtuber.

How to Make Youtube Video

Those who are new to Youtube and those who have started their Youtube career. They have to face many difficulties in making Youtube videos.

how to increase watch time on youtube

Now it comes to how to make and start Youtube Videos for your Youtube channel. So let us tell you about the whole process of making Youtube Videos.

  1. Youtube Video Idea Any video starts with an idea or topic on which you want to make a video. So first you have to find the Youtube Video idea or topic on which you want to make a video.

a. Choose Youtube video idea – You can use Google search engine to find Youtube idea and many tools are available on the internet. With the help of which you can find out the trending topic, which increases more chances of playing your Youtube video.

Or you can make Youtube Videos according to your knowledge. Since if you have information about it, then you can make Youtube Videos better.

b. Research and Write Script After youtube idea it comes how to make video because when you are new youtuber then you have no experience in making videos. So you have to research about it well first.

Make a script of the information obtained during the research so that before making a Youtube video. You can decide what to start with and how to keep the interest of the video till the end. Because the longer your Youtube videos are watched, the more the chances of it going viral increase.

  1. Face Youtube Video Camera To make a Youtube video, this is the second stage in which you have to face the camera. From this your Youtube video is created, for this you have to keep some things in mind.

a. Comfortable on Camera –  First of all, you have to make a habit of talking with the camera. Because when you face the camera for the first time. You are not able to speak well in front of the camera, so you have to practice again and again and gradually you get used to it.

Here you have to prepare well for any topic about which you have to make a video. Which will help you to speak in front of the camera and also keep yourself normal, neither speak too slowly nor talk too fast.

b. Relationship with Camera When you make a Youtube video in the early days. You call a lot of things like a camera and you are not able to explain as much as you wanted to.

That’s why you have to make a relation with the camera like you talk to your friend. Without stopping and without forgetting anything. You can tell all your things easily. This relation you have to make with the camera. If you want, you can give a name to your camera.

  1. Video editing The most important thing to make a video is video editing because with the help of video editing, you can make your video more spectacular. Video editing is the embellishment of any video that makes it beautiful.

That’s why you should have knowledge of video editing. If you use a computer / laptop, then you can use video editing software and if you have a smartphone then you can use Top Best Video Editing Apps.

a. Short Clip Every new Youtuber has trouble speaking in front of the camera in the early days. So if you have knowledge of video editing, then you can make a great Youtube video by making a Short Clip YouTube video and adding all the clips.

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