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How to Move Fragile Items Without Breaking Them

You won’t know how fragile your items are until you start packing them. Because of the high risk of breaking them, it is not easy to pack delicate items. Many tragedies can occur during a move.

These include breaking expensive plates and glasses, as well as TV screens being broken. These tips and tricks will help you avoid such an unpleasant future for your belongings.

Packaging and Boxes

When you are hiring a commercial mover, make sure that you have the right boxes to protect your belongings. While you are packing it’s important to know how to pack a mirror for moving.

It is better to choose smaller boxes than larger ones for individual boxes so that fragile items such as glassware and vases won’t be damaged by heavy items.

Take it apart

Each item should be wrapped separately depending on its size and shape. Bubble wrap can be used to secure each item so they don’t get damaged when packed with other items.

Fill empty items

Filling in empty spaces in objects like glasses, vases, and the like is very helpful. These items can be filled with wrapping paper. Wrapping paper of any kind can prevent damage.

Take your Time

Packing your entire house can be stressful. You should take the time to sort and handle everything carefully so that your valuable items aren’t damaged by home movers.

Label the packaging boxes

It can help you and your movers to identify fragile items that need to be handled carefully by labeling them differently. This will not only be helpful for the moving company but for you as well. Also, It’s important to understand how much does pod storage cost.

Packaging items arrangement

Although each item is delicate, there are ways to wrap it properly. You will need to have the necessary supplies for wrapping each item properly.

This includes packing tape, bubble wrap, packing tape, and various-sized boxes for different-sized items. Also, scissors, flexible cardboard, and other such things.

If you feel it is too risky to do it yourself, you can contact a professional moving company for the best professional assistance.

Wrap the plates in bubble wrap, then place them vertically in the box of your choice. Add an extra sheet between each plate to prevent them from coming in contact. It is important to fill the empty spaces of the glasses and vases first, then arrange them in a box. Then fill all the spaces with packing sheets.

To avoid damage, it is best to pack heavier items at the bottom of boxes and smaller, lighter items at the top.

Hire professionals

The best way to move fragile items is to employ professional movers to do the heavy lifting and prevent any physical exertion. Professional movers will pack your belongings and transport them to the truck on the day of the move.

You can also have them help you load the boxes and arrange your furniture once you get to your new place. You can concentrate on decorating and unpacking. These are the most important tips for packing fragile items.

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