How To Solve The Error When Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages

Epson printers are popular among those who are looking for high-quality printing like photo labs, publication houses, media companies, etc. Because they need very high-quality images for their clients. 

No doubt the Epson printer is doing its job very perfectly but sometimes this high tech-device has some glitch like the Epson printer won’t connect to WiFi, Epson error code 0xfa, Epson printer prints blank pages, etc. which stops the printer from working.

These are some common errors that are so irritating while printing. When Epson printers started printing blank pages, people generally changed the ink cartridges and the problem got solved. But sometimes just changing ink cartridges is not a solution for this.

Let’s check out the solution to fix Epson printer prints blank pages issues. But first of all check out the reason behind it.

Why Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages

There are a number of reasons behind why your Epson printer prints blank pages. Below are the some of the main reason behind it:

  • Ink cartridge has been dried at the nozzle.
  • The Epson printer is unable to recognize the ink cartridge.
  • Ink in the ink cartridge is dried.
  • Ink cartridge nozzle is jammed.
  • Printer’s heads are goofed up with dust particles or ink.
  • Epson printer drivers settings are not upto date.

How to Fix Epson Printer Prints Blank Pages

1. Inspect Cartridge

First of all check if the cartridge is installed correctly or not? If the ink cartridge is not installed properly your printer stops working. One of the silly mistakes you have made is you didn’t remove the protective sheet or cover on the cartridge before installing it into the Epson printer.

This protective sheet is used to protect the sensitive part of the cartridge drum getting dirty or damaged. You have to remote it before installing it to the printer slot.

2. Check Ink Levels

Ensure that the ink cartridge is not completely empty. You can check it by printing a report using the menu buttons on the printer. In this report it is mentioned as “Print Quality” or “Ink levels”, depending on your Epson printer model.

If there is on ink in the ink cartridge, then you need to refill it to fix Epson printer prints blank pages.

You can also use the user manual to check the ink level.

3. Restart the Printer

One of the simplest and easiest ways to fix printer print blank pages issues is to restart the printer. By restarting the printer will fix some simple glitch to your printer. Check out below steps to restart the printer:

  • Turn off the printer by pressing the power button on the printer.
  • Wait until the printer is completely turned off.
  • Remove all the wires and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Now connect all the wires and turn the printer on.
  • Now try to give print commands.

4. Unclog the Print Head (Automatic Cleaning)

You can use Printer’s automatic cleaning cycle to unclog inkjet printers head. You can activate the automatic cleaning process from your Computer/Laptop under the printer’s properties or you can start it from the printer’s  control panel.

By activating this cleanup process your printer will discharge excess ink out, removing clogs on the print head and softening the printing process. If a simple cleaning option won’t work then select the deep cleaning function to unclog the printhead.

5. Unclog the Print Head (Manual Cleaning)

If the above automatic cleaning method won’t work then you can start with a manual cleaning process. Remember that there are two types of printer head. There’s a detachable printer cartridge, remove it very carefully and clean it.

Ensure that you won’t touch the sponge area of the ink tank while cleaning. Use protective hand gloves to prevent any direct contact of ink on your skin. Check out step-by-step guide to clean a printhead manually:

  • Remove all Ink cartridges from the ink cartridge carriage.
  • Now remove the printhead from the slot, be careful before removing it.
  • Wipe off any particle or dried ink on the printhead. Use a clean soft cloth to clean it.
  • Take a printhead and soak into warm water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Take out the printhead from the water and wipe off all the moisture using a clean cloth.
  • Reinstall the printhead back to the printer, once it’s fully dry.
  • Now try to give a print command to check the printer is working on not.

If the printer is still not printing then try to repeat steps again and soak the printhead overnight, if required.

6. Update Printer Driver

Well, one of the other reasons is that the Epson printer prints blank pages as an outdated printer’s driver, so you need to update the printer driver. Follow the below guide to update the printer driver:

  • Visit Official website of Epson printers.
  • Locate the latest drivers according to your model.
  • Click on download and save it to your system.
  • Now click on the .exe file and follow the instruction to install it.

After updating the printer’s driver your issue will be fixed. You can ensure it by giving a print command from your system.

7. Incompatible Paper Size

To avoid Epson printer prints blank pages issue and Epson printer offline issue ensure that you are using the right size of paper for your printer. If you have changed it by mistake, then change the settings according to your printer type.


Hope using the above methods will fix Epson printer prints blank pages. By checking whether the layout, Ink level, printer drivers are properly installed or not. By checking these issues your printer will start working again. For more information feel free to visit our website or get in touch with our experts to fix this issue right now! 

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