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How to troubleshoot the Epson Printer Error Print Job Cannot Be Sent

Epson is a top name as a printer brand. It offers various models of printers for home and business use. People prefer Epson gadgets because they are robust and pocket-friendly. The user can get a good Epson printer at a better price. Different printer sizes are available according to the workload. The interface of these printers is quite simple and everyone can use these devices easily. But still few users get printer jobs regarding Epson Printer Error.

Reasons Behind Epson Printer Error Print Job Cannot Be Send 

  1. You are sending an invalid print job
  2. Printer files are not working
  3. Corrupted Epson printer driver
  4. Error in printer and PC connection
  5. Epson printer memory is full
  6. Malware has corrupted your print job
  7. Print job has stuck in the queue

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Print Job Error 

Restart the PC and Reconnect to the Epson Printer

When the Epson device shows a print job error, check the connected PC. A runtime error can cause issues with printing. Fix those issues by restarting the device. Remove the printer USB cable from the PC and restart the device. Now reconnect the printer and give a new print job. Check the Epson status and take your printouts. 

Run Printer Troubleshooter

If you are facing print job-related issues due to known reasons then run the printer troubleshooter. Your PC provides this troubleshooter for printer-related files. If any of those files are not working correctly; the user can run the inbuilt troubleshooter. Open the Update and Security tab and select the Troubleshooter option. This utility tool will inspect for Printer related files and repair the damaged files. After repairing those files, resend a print job and check the error.

Send a valid Print Job

When you see the “Print Job cannot be sent” error message; check the job. You can take printouts of every document. There are several secure files and extensions which can’t get printed directly. Check the file and if the file is secured then ask for permission. You may have to change the extension for taking the printout. Once you get the access permission; again give the print command and take printouts with the Epson device.

Check for Epson Printer Driver

You should inspect for the Epson Printer Communication Error. Your Epson device can’t communicate without the correct driver. If you have connected the new printer; install its driver. Your Epson printer only responds when it finds the correct driver. If you have the driver then update it. But when the driver is corrupted, you should reinstall it. You shouldn’t try to repair the driver; remove the corrupted setup. Open the Epson website and install a driver on your printer. Restart the computer and send a new job to the printer.

Reconnect your Epson Printer to a PC

Your PC can’t send the print job when the Epson is not connected. The user should try to reconnect the printer to the device. For wired connection; remove the cable. Check both ends and cable for any damage. Don’t use low-speed or loose cable for the printer. Reconnect the cable and check your printer status. For the network, press the Wi-Fi to disable it. Now restart the router and press the Wi-Fi button. Go to PC and ensure that the Epson printer is online. Now open the document and give new print command.

Check Epson Printer Memory

The user can’t send new jobs if the printer memory is full. When you have lots of pending jobs; take their printouts. Once the printer memory gets enough free space, it will start taking new print commands. Take printouts and wait; now give a new command and it will be added to the queue. In case you need the printout urgently, remove the pending jobs and send a new print job.

Remove Stuck Print Job 

If the Epson is showing an error due to a stuck print job then remove it. Open the services tab and go to a print spooler. Now tap on the print job and hit the Stop button. After removing that job, resume the printing process. Send a new job to your Epson device.

Run the Malware Scan

Your printer shows issues when it is receiving corrupted print jobs. Malware on the computer can corrupt printer-related files and print jobs. You should scan the PC and remove the malware. After cleaning the printer, retry to make printouts on the Epson device. 

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