How to use LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency for lead generation

LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency Today more and more companies are developing lead generation strategies on Linkedin: but how can you take advantage of the social platform design for business as a tool to get new contacts and customers? Compare to other social networks, Linkedin offers a unique context: it is a network of professionals (690 million users) who interact and discuss issues relate to the world of work. In this article, we will see some of the most effective lead generation strategies for Linkedin and what are the steps necessary to implement them.

Personal profile vs company page: which one works best for lead generation on Linkedin?

It is necessary to make a premise: Linkedin works best when it comes to fostering relationships between humans. The functionalities available for personal profiles are more numerous and leave more space for interactions, while company pages are a suitable tool more than anything else for unilateral institutional communication. Above all, users prefer relationships with other people rather than companies. Does this mean that you have to give up having a page dedicate to the company on the social network? Not: a successful strategy that aims to lead generation on Linkedin will have its declination in the company profile as well as in the personal profiles of some people select within the company.

Lead generation Linkedin: the use of the company profile

Presiding on Linkedin is a way to affirm one’s presence and an indispensable step to improving brand awareness. The social pages are indexed on Google: using the description intelligently, by inserting relevant keywords, helps to obtain a good positioning among the search engine results. But what possibilities do we have to do lead generation through a company page?

Plan publications with an editorial plan

One of the fundamental activities for lead generation on Linkedin is the creation of a content calendar to be post regularly on the company page. The publications must not be promotional only. Sharing interesting articles (from the company blog or external), infographics, reflections, images, or quotes that speak of the company’s vision allows you to develop a relationship with followers and increase your authority. According to this study, 50% of decision-makers in the B2B sector use Linkedin as a source of information. Therefore, what is publish could be read by a potential lead; obviously, not all those who follow the page are already customers or prospects: a particular content could spark a user’s interest and push him to get in touch with the company.

Use Linkedin ads

The company profile can also be use to create sponsor advertisements. There is just one type of lead generation ad on Linkedin. When creating one, you will have to choose the content to promote (create ad hoc or already publish) and where to direct users who will click on the advertisement: a first possibility involves connecting to an external landing page, but you can also choose to collect lead data directly on Linkedin, avoiding the possible friction that entails having to leave the platform. The high level of profiling allows you to select the most interesting audience to show sponsor content, filtering users base on the company they work for, the role held, the industry to which they belong, etc.

Lead generation Linkedin: the use of personal profiles

We have state that personal profiles are more effective for lead generation on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency. To make the most of the possibilities offer by social media, it is therefore important to define a strategy that involves the profiles of the people who are part of the company. It is necessary to identify those who “will put their face on it”. These could be resources belonging to the commercial area, managers, or specialists with a certain level of expertise in their field. In addition to establishing a well-define communication style consistent with that of the company, the strategy must include the guidelines necessary to direct the action of the select employees.

Optimize a Linkedin profile for lead generation

It’s often seen as a simple copy of your CV, but an effective profile should instead represent a sort of optimize landing page to incentivize visitors to make contact. Here are some suggestions:

Choose a professional profile image and do not neglect the cover one, in which to insert the company logo and colors.
The job title must best define the role in the company.
The summary is one of the most important parts to optimize for lead generation on Linkedin. It should be use to communicate expertise, goals, and strengths. As for the information section on the company page, the summary in the personal profiles is the right place to enter keywords that are useful to be found, inside and outside the social network.
In the ” featured ” section you can insert content (even external) such as a presentation video, a successful case study, or a link to a landing page on the company website.
Finally, the skills and confirmations part guarantees an excellent gain in terms of social proof.

What to publish?

As with the company profile, even in personal profiles, it will be necessary to focus on creating content. Which are the ones that work? There is no rule, of course. The first step is to gain exposure. The LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency algorithm rewards active participation in the platform and, among the contents, gives more prominence to those that manage to generate greater engagement.

Posts in which you address the public directly asking for an opinion or advice usually can stimulate discussion. Often successful are those who report and comment on news related to their industry, or who, through the story of an experience, offer advice and food for thought. Commenting on other people’s posts is also an avenue not to be overlook. What matters is that the content has value and is relevant to the segment of the public to which it is addressed.

Posts and comments for explicitly promotional purposes are easily annoying and should be limit, if not completely avoid. If the goal is to do lead generation on Linkedin, it is not necessary to try to sell something immediately, but rather to gain visibility and authority within your sector.

Manage direct contacts

Within the lead generation strategy on LinkedIn Ads Management Services Agency, it will also be plan to add new links. To better manage this operation, relying on account-based marketing techniques is the winning choice. Thanks to the high level of profiling offer by the social network, it will be easy to identify the most interesting profiles based, for example, on the type of company or the position held. To isolate a very specific target, you can use Sales Navigator, which allows you to create real profiles (buyer personas) for the users you want to intercept.

When sending a connection request, it is important to write an ad hoc message to replace the pre-set Linkedin message. People, especially if they are in an interesting business function, receive dozens of requests per month: a personalize message that does not immediately point to the sale, but rather starts a conversation base on mutual interests, is the best way to emerge in a crowd inbox.

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