Important Questions to Ask Before Booking your Destination Wedding Venue

Planning a destination wedding is not a cakewalk as a lot needs to be done to plan a perfect one! But let us tell you a secret: Once you’ve chosen your destination wedding venue, the process gets much easier. Not sure how to do it? Here’s a little help from our side to do it smoothly! You may have to do a lot of research and everything and after that, if you’ve got a solid list of possibilities, take things one step further and vet each location yourselves to see if it matches all your requirements. Here, we’ve penned down some of the top questions that you should ask the venues that you are considering before choosing one.

How experienced they are with weddings like yours? 

Usually, a venue that’s hosted a good number of nuptials will be a safer bet, but a wedding-specific experience won’t be a deal-breaker. If they have hosted a corporate event with the same number of guests as yours, then that’s an indication they can handle your wedding too. There are certain banquet halls in Gurgaon that are a part of famous chains, you can consider them too.

What do they offer versus any other property you are considering?

If you are mentioning a specific example of one of their competitors that you are also considering then it will show that you’ve done your research. This will urge them to talk out loud about their distinctive features as well as any special services they might offer in order to win your business.

Do they have special packages or is everything custom or à la carte?

Usually, such properties have specially designed packages for destination weddings. All you need to do is ask about the inclusions in each of the different packages, so you’ll be able to make realistic cost comparisons.

If there aren’t packages then how do they charge?  

There are certain effective ways to get the price that matches your budget but the best way to do it is by comparing them even at the same site. Winters are the prime time for weddings and parties, but if you have some non-heavy dates in your hand then there’s no reason you get married during the heavy wedding season. Always try to opt for a less popular time, day or season. This will surely help you save some good bucks.

Are they flexible with customization of the menu, music, flowers, rentals and so on?

If you really want a particular vendor, or if you have specific needs, this is the time to find out if they’ll accommodate you. If getting what you want will cost you extra, you need to know upfront and use that to help you make a final decision.

What kind of spaces are available for all of your functions?

Just loving property isn’t enough—you also need to know that it has the right number of rooms to accommodate your guests and that multiple spaces for your different functions. You need to see if it matches all your requirements.

Do they provide an on-site coordinator?

One of the major perks of using an all-inclusive venue is that they have an in-house wedding coordinator who is usually included in the package. These coordinators have good experience planning weddings at the venue and know who the best local pros are.

How much of a booking amount needs to deposit is required to reserve your date?

Always, double-check not just how much you’ll need to pay to reserve your dates, but also when each remaining payment is due. By doing this, you can easily plan to have plenty of cash on hand whenever you are asked to deposit the pending balance.

Does that hotel or resort has activities at their premises? What are nearby spots to explore?

While visiting the venue, while discussing everything with your manager, you should ask this great question. You should also have an ides if the hotel or resort will coordinate activities for you as well as your guests. Also, ask about nearby markets or malls, where you get some necessary stuff!

Do they offer a shuttle service or other transportation around the area, as well as to and from the airport?

When it comes to destination weddings almost all of your guests must be flying in for your celebration and likely they won’t be renting a car, so mobility is definitely something to think about. If that venue can provide transportation to and from the airport, then that’s a huge plus, since that’s usually the most expensive cab or shuttle ride your guests will have to take during their stay.

Do they host more than one wedding on the same day or at the same time?

Ok, this can be a thing of concern! If the place is large and spread out, this may not affect you! But if there isn’t a ton of space and other guests could wander into your reception, then you should consider a different venue. Or you can even ask what policies are in place to keep confusion at a minimum because the last thing you want is to have the cheering and clapping from another wedding drown out your celebrations!

How formal is the hotel?

You need to give a lot of thought to see if that particular property really fits your style. If you’re looking to have a laid-back celebration, then a really formal property is probably isn’t for you. The same goes for their party spaces as well… do they have different settings or not as you don’t want a similar space or vibe for your multiple functions!

P.S. Don’t make any bookings venue until you’ve get your answers to the important questions.

We hope this helps!

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