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Important Things You Need to do Before Appearing in the Competitive Exam


Lakhs of students appear for government exams across India. However, as the number of candidates are growing to appear in the exam, so does the level of competition. Many candidates start preparing for the exam even months before. But, not every candidate is able to crack the exam. Well, the main reason behind an unsuccessful attempt is improper utilization of time. Some candidates are unable to complete exam syllabus on time while some are not able to attempt question papers on time. Therefore, it is highly important to use time optimally. Do you know the best possible ways to manage your time? If not, then keep your worries aside. We have written this article especially for candidates like you who are incognizant of the smart ways to utilize time. So, keep on reading this article scrupulously to know some time management tips. 

Implementing time management strategies while preparing for the exam will help you in clearing it. Also, you will be able to estimate how much time to devote to each question as well. With the help of time management tactics, you can easily complete syllabus on time. Additionally, you can seek help from a reliable coaching institute for exam preparation. Note that joining a coaching institute is not going to work magically. You need to dedicate ideal hours to self study as well. Therefore, for better preparation you need to make best possible use of time. 

Here are some useful time management tips for cracking government exams:

Those who know how to utilize their time can easily achieve their goals. If you have made up your mind to secure a government job, then it is imperative to use your time effectively. Go through the following points to know some of the fruitful ways to manage your time. 

Always remember, the stepping stone towards time management is making a timetable. So, take a pen and paper then start making a timetable that suits you well. While making a timetable, keep following tips in your mind:

It is advisable to paste your timetable in front of your study table. This is the best way to keep reminding yourself of the tasks beforehand. Make a timetable in such a way that you can complete the exam syllabus at least 15 days prior to exam day. It is essential to leave the last days for revision. 

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The majority of candidates begin their exam preparation by selecting subjects at random. They defy any schedule or timetable. Eventually, they become perplexed as to what they have learned and what they should learn next. While making a timetable, analyze which subject is difficult and which is easy. It is advisable to prepare for hard subjects first. Also, choose to study for those topics that have more weightage in the exam. This way you can increase your chances of cracking the exam in a single go. 

Solving practice tests is a great way to improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Note that there are many websites that can provide you online mock tests. So, solve online mock tests to increase your chances of cracking the exam. Additionally, you can analyze some previous year question papers to know the level of the exam. For better practice, you can solve some previous year question papers. You can go through at least 10 previous year question papers before appearing in the exam. For sure, it can aid in reducing the risk of negative marking thereby increasing your chances of cracking the exam. 

Note that every government exam has a different set of rules as well as pattern. Also, every exam follows a different marking scheme. Here are some guidelines you can follow to strategize your attempt:

Many candidates prefer to study for long hours while preparing for government exams. This is the worst way to prepare for exams. It is essential to take breaks after studying for a few hours. This can aid in relieving your mind from excessive stress and tension. It is advisable to use pomodoro technique while preparing for the exam. You can use this technique in the following manner:

This is how you can study productively for the upcoming government exams

There’s no one except you who knows what you need and how you need it. While making a timetable, be sure of the things you need in it. Never copy others while making a timetable. There are high chances that what worked for others may not work for you. Moreover, it is advisable to eliminate all those tasks that don’t contribute to exam preparation. 

Always remember, making a timetable is not enough. You need to follow it staunchly. This is how you can easily complete the exam syllabus on time.

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These are some of the rewarding time management tips that can help you sail through the toughest government exams. It is highly important to follow these tips while preparing for the exam. We hope that these tips can help you manage your time accurately and crack the government exam.  

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