key metric for SEO: keyword search volume

Search volume is not just a small number that tells us how important a keyword is for our SEO strategy. This metric needs to be analyzed carefully because it can give many other valuable suggestions.

Those who work in the field of digital marketing certainly know one of the most important metrics of SEO (and not only), the search volume.

This factor that appears next to others in the lists of keywords produced by specific tools is not a simple number that acquires value the higher it is, but must be associated with the type of project that is being carried out and the objectives for which it is being built. the marketing strategy.

The search volume of keywords hides potential that goes beyond the classification between words absolutely to be used in the contents of a site and secondary words to be used to enrich a text.

The subject is more complex than it seems, let’s try to shed some light.

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What is the search volume of a keyword?

To simply define the search volume, it can be said that it is the parameter that represents the number of times users, in a given time range, have searched for a word by typing it on a specific search engine.

It is important to know that the metric is associated with a time, such as a month because it could vary a lot depending on the season. Just think about how keywords such as “Christmas tree” and “swimsuit” can vary over the year.

It must also be emphasized that the search volume is not a precise and unambiguous value, but it must be considered as a reliable estimate because search engines rarely grant precise information regarding their operations.

What is keyword search volume for?

The results of accurate keyword research and, therefore, the evaluation of the different search volumes of the keywords found are used in various digital activities :

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEA
  • Web and UX design

A marketing strategy can simultaneously involve several of the items listed above and require different analyzes of the keyword list.

The metric is necessary to think about the potential traffic that a keyword can generate, the level of difficulty and competition, the seasonal variations, the main way in which users refer to a product.

Are only high search volume keywords useful?

High search volume. Much sought word. A lot of website traffic.

This step would seem logical and would lead to considering only the keywords that are searched many times by users, building content and categories of the site or e-commerce that reflect the hierarchy described in the keyword research.

However, this is not always the case.

Very often it is useful to identify those keywords with low search volume which, however, make a strategy more targeted.

Furthermore, the search volume is not always directly proportional to the volume of traffic recorded on a web page.

Here, as often happens in the world of digital marketing, the answer to the question posed in the title of this paragraph is a classic: it depends!

This should not lead to uncertainties, but to the need to use keyword research according to the specific project being developed for a particular brand.

What are low search volume keywords for?

To understand the value of keywords with low search volume, you need to move from the concept of dry keywords to that of the topic cluster, which is a group of topics or terms.

This approach allows you to create pillar pages, pillar pages, which can scale the SERP because they can answer exhaustively to a query and this is very popular with the search engine.

The structure of a pillar is to be seen as a planetary system with a series of secondary keywords that revolve around the main one that represents the central theme of the content.

In this type of page, links to other in-depth articles are essential in which low-volume keywords become the cornerstones of individual explanations.

The topic of the pillar and the sub-topics covered in the satellite contents can be identified through the correct analysis of the keyword research and the different search volumes.

Low-volume words are usually long-tailed keywords, those composed of multiple terms, which represent very specific and therefore performing searches. It is quite different to search for “lemon” or “organic Sorrento lemon”.

That’s not all when evaluating the importance of low search volume keywords in a strategy. When designing strategies for niche Insurance brands, it becomes essential to speak directly to that very specific target that can turn into customers of the company.

For example, a company that produces tools for watchmakers is not interested in the entire online audience who are passionate about watches, but only that small slice of professionals who build and repair watches.

Keyword research, search volume, strategy

What should emerge from this article is that it is not enough to use an SEO tool to obtain effective keyword research, but you must be able to exploit a list of keywords to develop a targeted strategy that benefits a company in terms of:

  • Traffic on specific pages of the site or e-commerce
  • Brand awareness
  • Quality lead generation
  • Sales

The search volume cannot be the only discriminating factor when selecting the keywords to use in the various digital marketing activities listed above, but it must be a characteristic to be related to other equally important ones.

All this must also make us reflect on the need to turn to SEO and digital strategy experts to plan all the operations useful for positioning a brand or a product online.

Often the do-it-yourself in the digital marketing field does not lead to great results, while, in most cases, relying on specialists generates an excellent return on investment.

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