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Life of Student Living Off-Campus in Perth


The city that is considered to be Australia’s sunniest capital, Perth, is situated on it being surrounded by the Indian Ocean and its Australian Outback. It has the magnificent Kings Park — one of the largest inner-city parks. Perth has four major universities that attract thousands of local and international students each year. At the same time, there are many student accommodation in Perth for students to stay comfortable and at ease.

Accommodation for students in Perth

With the abundance of student residences in Perth, There are a lot of options for student accommodation in Perth, but it is an effort to find the ideal student residence. There are many student accommodations near Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Central Queensland University Perth campus. The most extensive selection of student homes in Perth comprises studios, shared apartments with en-suites, as well as studios shared by other students that provide the amenities that students want. There are a lot of student accommodation Perth that are within your budget, with apartments starting at just AU$126/week.

Experience the Multicultural Environment

Perth is truly an international melting pot of cultures with students arriving from over 200 different nations. There are more than 170 different languages spoken in Perth and more than 100 different religions are practiced and, therefore, no matter the country you’re from, you’ll feel right at home within Perth. There are many established groups of cultural and international students to meet and get to know people who share similar interests and cultures.


The greatest aspect of being a resident of Perth is the fact that it provides the highest standard of living and is much more affordable than other places to study. Furthermore, the Mediterranean environment, its less dense population, and less congestion in the traffic have resulted in a beautiful sky and clean surroundings that make it the ideal location to begin your international education. Students studying abroad can enjoy discounts on public transport and buses in the city’s center are available to all

Options of Student Accommodation Perth

Life of student in Perth

Exploring Perth

Perth offers a range of distinct shopping arcades as well as shopping malls that let you explore the shops and dine at the top eateries. A bustling city with a diverse population with a vibrant nightlife. Perth is home to a variety of great bars and offers a wide range of entertainment.

Traveling in Perth

Public transport makes it easy and cost-effective transportation in Perth.

Plenty of Part-Time Jobs

As a student, it’s likely that you’ll always require a little more money. Perth is the ideal spot to do this since there are many opportunities to take part-time jobs for students. This lets you earn some money for spending while studying. There are numerous jobs to be found in administration, communication, hospitality, housekeeping, retail, IT, and tourism.

Perth is an incredible city with plenty of activities, places to see, and things to do for students. The city has a wide range of student accommodation in Perth that makes it easy for students to find a place to stay. There are also plenty of part-time jobs available in the city so students can easily make some money while studying. Perth is a great city for students and offers a lot that they can enjoy.

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