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LIV Student Sheffield: A Perfect Student Accommodation Sheffield for Individuals with Modern Taste

If you need a student accommodation Sheffield with modern interior design, a lot of hustle and bustle of youngsters, and a lot more, then LIV Student Sheffield can be the right place for you. This student accommodation has been spread in a large area and has everything, from modern technologies to gaming facilities.

LIV Student Sheffield is an ideal place for students to live due to several reasons. The luxury accommodations and modern amenities allure the students towards this student accommodation Sheffield. But, another major thing that students consider when choosing accommodation is the distance from the universities.

The campuses of two major universities, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield are at just a few minutes of walking distance from here.

LIV consists of two types of student accommodation, which are ensuite rooms and studios. Both these types of accommodations provide all the assets of daily needs plus a lot more things the youngsters of today like to have.

Ensuite Rooms in LIV Student Sheffield

LIV Student Sheffield offers eight types of ensuite rooms to the students. These types incorporate bronze, bronze additionally, silver, silver furthermore, gold, gold besides, platinum, and platinum plus. All these ensuite rooms have comfortable beds for the students.

You get a fridge/freezer, microwave, and dishwater inside the kitchen. There is a wardrobe available to keep your clothes organized. Bookcases can also be found for keeping your books in the right place. Restrooms and kitchens in these rooms are ensuite.

Studios in LIV Student Sheffield

Studios are becoming more and more popular student accommodations in the UK in the present scenario. These luxury student accommodations are being preferred by a large number of individuals today.

Studios in LIV Student Sheffield have been classified into nine categories. These categories include bronze, bronze plus, silver, silver plus, gold, gold plus, platinum, platinum-plus, and standard.

The studios comprise various amenities for the students. In the kitchens, the individuals find a cooking hob, fridge, microwave, and more. A wardrobe, study chair & table, and a lot of other amenities can be found inside studios.

Amenities for Students in LIV Student Sheffield

A mammoth number of amenities can be witnessed in LIV Student Sheffield, some of which have already been mentioned while discussing studios and ensuite rooms. In addition to them, there are several more that you can know below.

1. Wi-Fi internet connection is available for every student. Therefore, the students can connect internet on their smartphones and laptops and can complete their projects & assignments along with getting in touch with their loved ones. One can also connect smart TV with the help of this service. Wi-Fi is the paid service at this place of accommodation.

2. There is also a highly equipped gym, where you can keep your body in shape or can do bodybuilding.

3. Cinema is also available at this property so you can get entertainment whenever you are tired from your studies.

4. TVs can also be found inside rooms that can be taken as the other sources of entertainment at the property.

5. There is also a laundry room to allow you to wear fresh clothes.

6. A common area is also available where you can meet the other residents of the property. Here, you can make new friends, and can meet them time-to-time. In the common area, you can also get the help of other students in your studies and similarly can offer them help.

7. There is also a bicycle storage space here, so you can keep your own bicycle without any worries.

8. A rooftop terrace is also here to get relaxed in the fresh air.

9. Individuals can enjoy gaming here due to the availability of a pool table.

10. Onsite maintenance service is also available.

Security Arrangement at the Property

There is also a good security arrangement at this property. It is needless to mention that CCTV cameras are a major asset for security in the present scenario. They allow monitoring of all the activities available at a property. The CCTV cameras are installed at LIV also.

Moreover, to keep your belongings safe, you also get a secure door entry. Insurance service is also here to provide you the compensation for any type of loss.

How to Apply for Accommodation in LIV Student Sheffield

You can book the accommodation in LIV Student Sheffield easily in advance without visiting there prior to your shift. There are some student accommodation service providers who offer the facility to do the booking in different places of accommodation.

You are just required to search Sheffield and select LIV Student Sheffield. On the page

of this place of accommodation, you can read all the details and can book the accommodation by clicking or tapping the booking option below the type of accommodation you select.


LIV Student Sheffield is a perfect place of living for students with modern tastes. Moreover, it provides everything to them, which makes their years of stay memorable.

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