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Live a Complete Lifestyle in EVO Montreal

 Montreal – this is the second-most populous city in Canada and has a number of significant things that allure people from different parts of the world towards this city. This city is named after Mount Royal, which is the triple-peaked hill around which the early city of Ville-Marie. Ville-Marie is the old name of Montreal when it was built in the year 1642.

Besides, this world-class education of this city has allured a large number of students from various parts of the world. So, a number of international students can be witnessed today in the places of student accommodation Montreal. The city has a huge experience of hosting overseas students, so the places for accommodation provide high-class facilities to the students.

One of the popular places for student accommodation Montreal is EVO Montreal. In EVO Montreal, you find the ensuite and shared rooms along with a wide range of amenities inside the rooms as well as in the property. Here, you will read about some of the important features of EVO Montreal.

Ensuite and Shared Rooms in Accordance with the Needs of Students 

EVO Montreal comprises ensuite as well as shared rooms where one can find everything in accordance with the needs of students. There are two types of ensuite rooms available, which are Single Room with King Bed and Single Room with Double Bed. In the shared rooms, you find a 2-people shared room with two double beds.

All these rooms comprise the kitchens with excellent arrangements for cooking, cooling, and freezing. Besides, you also find a study table and chair to study in the right posture. A wardrobe for keeping the clothes and more storage space can also be found here. There is also a mirror here for makeup and other such tasks.

Study Arrangements in the Property

You have come to Montreal for study, which has not been forgotten by the accommodation authorities. This is why there are good study arrangements available here.

You find a library here, where you can read a lot of books related to your course as well as other books. Moreover, for the disturbance-free studies, there is also a study room available. This study room is best suitable for the time of exams.

Arrangement for Games

Fun is also needed by the students and for this, the gaming arrangement can be found in the games room inside the property. You find the equipment for some games inside the games room to play with your friends and other residents.

Gym, Yoga Room, and Swimming Pool for Fitness

Fitness is a necessary aspect for everyone without any second thought. There are many arrangements for the fitness of the student in the property.

First of all, you find a fully equipped gym here, in which you can do different types of workouts. There are full arrangements inside the gym to maintain the body as well as to stay fit. You can also fulfill your passion for bodybuilding inside the gym.

Besides, there is also a Yoga Room inside the property where you can practice yoga and can pay attention towards your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Another arrangement that can be connected with the health of the students is the swimming pool. Swimming gives a number of health benefits to individuals. Moreover, it is also a source of great fun for people.

Cinema for Entertainment

Cinema is another arrangement at this property for the entertainment of the students. Here, the students can have fun by watching some latest movies.  

Computer Lab and Internet

A number of students like to keep their own laptops. But, if you do not have your own laptop, or you do not like to use your laptop all the time, then there is also a computer lab available here. A number of computers are available here, which you can use.

On the other hand, there is also an arrangement of Wi-Fi internet connection here. The internet is necessary for everything from your college tasks to communicating with others and from online shopping to attending online lectures. With the Wi-Fi connection available here you can connect the internet to your laptops and smartphones. Wi-Fi is a paid service here.

Common Area, Outdoor Courtyard and Café

You have the opportunity to make new friends in EVO Montreal. You find a common area, where you can meet other residents of the property. This area is also helpful for the students for helping each other in their studies.

You can also meet others in the outdoor courtyards along with taking the fresh air. Café is another place to meet others along with having a coffee.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are some of the major aspects of EVO Montreal. There may be many other things of your interest in this student accommodation, which you will find when you will shift to this place.

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