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Luxury & Budget-Friendly Student Accommodation Options in Harrington Foggy Bottom in Washington 

In the past few years, a huge inclination of the students has been witnessed towards Washington, the capital city of the USA. There is no doubt that the universities in this city provide world-class education to the students. The degrees provided by the universities in Washington are recognized across the globe.

This is why this city has a great experience in accommodating international students. Here, you can find some excellent quality student accommodations. A number of places of student accommodation Washington are available among which the students can choose the best one according to their requirements.

There are some places, which offer budget-friendly accommodations to the students. A perfect example of the places of accommodations available at affordable prices is Harrington Foggy Bottom Washington. But, it is not limited to that. It also offers the room for the students who want the luxury options

In Foggy Bottom, the students get all the necessary and some luxury amenities required by them. Here are some of the significant characteristics of this wonderful place of accommodation in Washington, starting from the affordable and luxury options among the rooms.

Students Get Both Affordable and Luxury Rooms

Foggy Bottom offers a room called “Flex Basic with Balcony”. It is a budget-friendly option inside the property. The price offered to the students for this type of room is $275 per week.

After that, you get two luxury options, which are “Deluxe Room” and “Flex Plus”. Deluxe Room is available at the price of $345 per week whereas Flex Plus can be acquired at the price of $295 per week.

Excellent Dining Facility Is Provided to the Students

The students find the wonderful dining facilities in their Student rooms. They get the fully-equipped kitchens with everything according to their needs. In the kitchens, they find a microwave, oven, and cooking hob through which they can cook the food and heat the eatables.

Besides, there is a fridge inside the kitchen for cooling water, preserving eatables, and freezing ice.

Smart TVs with Netflix Are Offered in Every Room

Entertainment is also necessary for the students apart from their studies. Therefore, a smart TV with Netflix has been provided to the students in each room. So, one can enjoy the excellent shows on Netflix. There is a streaming device available here so you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

Apart from the shows on the OTT platform, the students can watch the TV shows on the regular entertainment TV channels, music on the music channels, sports on the sports channels, and informative programs on the discovery channels.

Study and Working Space Is Available in the Property

While studying at a university, you may need to complete your projects & assignments, prepare for your exams, and do a lot more tasks related to your course. You require a proper working space for these purposes.

In this property, you find that space along with a study table and chair, where you can accomplish all the aforementioned tasks.

A High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connection Is Available Here

It is needless to mention that an internet connection is necessary everywhere in the present scenario. Everyone has a smartphone today and most of the students who study abroad keep their own laptops.

Many students keep their mobile data internet but it may not be a comfortable option for everyone. Therefore, a Wi-Fi internet connection is available at the property. This is a paid facility.

So, you can easily connect your smartphones and laptop to the internet and can accomplish all the internet-related tasks, from your studies to getting connected with loved ones, via the internet.

Fitness Facility Is Also Provided to the Students via Gym

For the fitness of the students, a gym has also been opened at this property. The gym is fully equipped with modern workout machines. So, one can do all types of exercise machines.

Whether you are interested in bodybuilding or you are willing to join the gym just to stay fit, you can accomplish all these purposes at this place.

Students Get the Storage Spaces Here

Storage spaces are also available for the students to keep their assets safe and organized. There is a smart bookcase system for the students to keep their books and course material. On the other hand, the students can also keep their clothes organized in the wardrobes available here.

You Are Fully Secure at This Property

Security features are also available here so you are fully secured while living in this property. CCTV cameras installed here help the security staff to monitor the activities and detect anything suspicious. On the other hand, secure door entry is also provided to the students to keep their belongings safe.

Final Thoughts

Harrington Foggy Bottom will definitely be proven to be the right place to stay in Washington. You can know about this accommodation in more detail on the websites of student accommodation service providers. These websites also offer you a booking facility.

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