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The Naturepedic Twin Mattress is an eco-friendly bed made with organic wool batting and natural cotton. And although the green laurels are enticing, is it the bed for you?

See my complete Naturepedic Twin Mattress review below to discover out. I’ll go through the bed’s structure, feel, and test it for firmness, pressure relief, motion transmission, and more. It will then be clear if it is suited for you and your specific sleeping requirements.

Ready to go? Then keep reading! To save time, you may read my review summary at the bottom of this page. You can also avail Naturepedic Promo Code.

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Naturepedic Twin Mattress was founded in 2003 to enhance people’s sleep using organic goods. With a large selection of natural mattresses and bedding for both children and adults, the eco-friendly company has become a favorite destination for ecologically aware shoppers.

While we won’t be covering all of these items today, we will be examining the Naturepedic Twin Mattress from top to bottom!

What Is A Naturepedic Chorus Mattress?

The Naturepedic Twin Mattress is a firm, organic choice for eco-conscious sleepers who like to be “on top” of their bed rather than “in” it.

Let’s study each layer of the cover to learn more about this bed’s distinctive features.

Cover – A softcover quilted of wool, cotton, and PLA. While you may be acquainted with the previous two materials, PLA may be new to you. This fabric is noted for its toughness and moisture-wicking properties. When blended with wool and cotton, it creates a pleasant, cooling sensation.

Comfort — a 1.5” strip of micro-coils sits directly under the quilted cover. To raise the sleeper out of the framework, this layer adds instant bounce and stiffness.

Next is a small layer of organic cotton batting? This part mainly serves to bounce the micro coils above it. It also helps ease the sleeper into the harder enclosed coil part below.

Support – This 8” tall strip of enclosed coils support the mattress. A lot of bounce, stiffness, and support from these springs might be great for back, combo, and stomach sleepers. Also, these coils are encased in a foam edge support layer. This maximizes the Naturepedic Twin Mattress useful surface area, enabling sleepers to easily reach the bed’s edges.

Finale – The last covering of cotton batting. As we saw before, this part largely serves to trigger the coils above it.

Naturepedic Chorus Mattress Feel & Price

Now that we know what’s inside the Naturepedic Twin Mattress, let’s find out how those materials make it feel. I felt we should start with the firmness of this bed.

Firmness is a subjective metric that varies based on body size, shape, and weight. So my assessment of the bed’s firmness may vary from yours. I’m 5’10” and 190 pounds, and I like to sleep on my stomach.

After rolling the Naturepedic Twin Mattress, I judged it had an 8/10 firmness. Compared to the industry benchmark of 6.5 for medium firmness, this bed is a slam dunk.

I gave the Naturepedic Twin Mattress an 8 since the large internal portion with enclosed coils dominates the sensation. This layer adds weight to the framework, helping to keep the sleeper on top of the bed. This vibe may work well for stomach sleepers who enjoy ultra-firm constructions that elevate the hips off of the Naturepedic Twin Mattress.The hardness may also help back sleepers maintain a neutral spine from the shoulders to the lower back. However, side sleepers may find the bed a little too hard (but more on that below).

Naturepedic Chorus Mattress Review

Firmness is an essential feel feature to consider when choosing a new bed. So let’s evaluate this Naturepedic Twin Mattress other features: Pressure and Motion Relief.


Pressure release refers to a bed’s capacity to relieve stress in sensitive areas such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back. We’ll use a pressure map to assess how successfully (or poorly!) the Chorus performs this.

This is a great tool for tracking how much power my body is putting on the structure. Roll it out, get on and let the gadget do its job! The graphics below show low-pressure locations in green and high-pressure areas in red.

Rear – The Naturepedic Chorus was really comfy! The quilted blanket provided good lumbar support and raised my hips into perfect alignment with my shoulders. This created a beautiful, even line across the body for a really comfortable sleep.

Side – Sadly, this comfort did not extend to my side. Since this Naturepedic Twin Mattress

has no regular foam, there isn’t much area to sink down for pressure reduction around the shoulders and hips. So strict side sleepers should seek elsewhere.

Stomach – I loved this Naturepedic Twin Mattress on my stomach! Because stomach sleepers like ultra-firm constructions that keep their hips on top of the bed, the Chorus fits the bill well. If you’re a stomach sleeper looking for an organic Naturepedic Twin Mattress, I definitely suggest this one!

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