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Modern decoration with old furniture: 5 original makeovers

You may have old furniture in your home that you would like to reuse but that you no longer find to your liking. Homary decorators have unearthed for you, 5 ways to obtain a modern decoration with antique furniture.

A modern decoration with personalized antique furniture

We all have at least one family piece of furniture that we don’t necessarily know what to do with. Left too often in our cellars, it is time to give them a second wind. Many methods exist today to revamp this furniture without bad taste and thus have a modern decoration with old furniture.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is bound to be an idea made for you to put your furniture to your liking. Discover our inspiring ideas to modernize your period furniture by Homary.

1. Use patterns for a modern decoration with antique furniture

Unleash your creativity

Painting patterns on your furniture of yesteryear will allow you to give free rein to your desires. Thus, you will be able to adapt your patterns to the style of decoration of your interior.

Small flowers for a charming place or an introduction to mandalas for a more ethnic atmosphere, it’s up to you.

You do n’t need to be an artist to do this: there are stencils that you can attach and paint over with a roller.

Adapt your furniture to your style

You could use several colors to paint your designs like on this Scandinavian chest of drawers.

Simple and refined patterns combining modern decoration with the charm of an antique piece of furniture will brighten up your room.

Another way to decorate your furniture is to use gold leaf. Applicable to any piece of furniture, this technique can be perfectly executed by beginners and will make it possible to revamp a piece of furniture by giving it a more elegant look with character.

2. Put wallpaper for a modern decoration

Wallpaper on a facade

At first glance, you might think that putting wallpaper on a piece of furniture would make it look old more than make it modern. So, to avoid this and give it a second life, you could use trendy wallpaper, with modern patterns such as marble, graphic shapes or plants.

To prevent it from deteriorating, use sandpaper before hanging your wallpaper. This will make the surface of your furniture smooth and prevent the wallpaper from warping.

Wallpaper in the background

If you’re skeptical about wallpapering all over your furniture, choose the alternative of sticking it only in strategic places. In the bottom of your drawers or only on some facades, it’s up to you to decide. In addition, however, choose your wallpaper carefully so that it is in harmony with your furniture and prevents it from turning into bad taste.

Finally, last important point: Pay special attention to the glue of the wallpaper, especially in the corners, to prevent it from peeling off.

The sticker option

More practical than wallpaper, special stickers for furniture are more and more trendy. Less radical and easier to install, there are today some for all tastes with many patterns.

Thus, you will simply have to cut them to the dimensions of the faces of your furniture.

3. Add vintage material

The return of caning

Basic material of vintage decoration, it is now more trendy than ever.

Available in several colours, you can easily place them on the frames of your furniture and on the backs of your chairs.

In addition, the caning makes it possible to make the largest pieces of furniture less imposing and to blend perfectly into a vintage bedroom, for example.

4. Create a surprise effect

Mix different styles for a modern decoration with antique furniture

Want a little originality on your furniture? Use them to create a surprise effect. The opportunity to let your creativity speak.

Wallpaper, paint, stickers, let your imagination run wild. This will keep all the charm of your furniture in harmony in your room while adding your personal touch.

The idea being to decorate only the internal part of your furniture with bright colors to revamp your furniture.

However, be careful to only do this on a single piece of furniture in order to keep a certain homogeneity in your bedroom or living room.

5. A modern decoration for an old piece of furniture thanks to painting

Unleash your creativity

If you’re looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to update your furniture, consider paint.

You will have the free choice of colors and shapes for a modern piece of furniture that is 100% personalized and inspiring.

Moreover, by putting accents of bright colors, you will be able to create a contrast with the color of your furniture or your wall and thus modernize your furniture and your room.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to test new combinations of shades to incorporate into your home.

Paint your belongings in full

Regardless of the condition, shape or color of your furniture at the base, painting will be the best option to give your furniture a 100% makeover.

To do this, use inspiring colors that you like for a piece of furniture that reflects your image.

If you want to paint shapes, use adhesive that will help you have clean, smudge-free designs.

Enhance original tones

You do not necessarily want to use bright colors to modernize your old furniture? There are other paint solutions.

To modernize your furniture, use wood effect paint, or simply tinted varnish to bring out the cachet and give it a second life.

For example, here is a sideboard where the original colours, the black and the color of the wood have been enhanced in order to highlight the original character of this piece of furniture and integrating it perfectly into an industrial-style living room.

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