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Moving hacks you might not have known 

  • Move yourself or hire movers? A lot of people have a reason to be so negative and wary of moving. It is understandable, because the collection, packaging, and transportation of furniture and things not only require titanic efforts but also entail financial and time costs which can be much more interesting with a moving cleaning service. And many people still have such associations as strange rude loaders, lost property, and, of course, nerves and stress.

So moving is not an easy task. And sooner or later, each of us faces it. Collecting all the furniture, interior items, appliances, and clothes, packing, loading everything, and delivering it to a new place – and it is not at all surprising that after these thoughts most people put off their apartment, country house, office, or warehouse move as long as possible.

For a team of professionals, this process does not present any difficulties, however, there are some tricks and nuances in preparation, which we are ready to share.

Simple life hacks to avoid stress when moving.

How to properly organize the transportation of goods, where to start? It is worth taking the move competently and seriously so that it does not detract from the image of a joyful housewarming. Here are some tips:

  • Planning is the key to a successful and fast move. As soon as you have decided on the date, immediately proceed to the planning stage. Make a list of things, furniture, and other property that will be transported for yourself, think over the moving plan as accurately as possible, in a list, or sketch on paper – as you wish. So you will understand what and where will be located in the new room.
  • Conditionally divide everything into categories. For example, put furniture and decorative items in the first category. Household appliances – in the second. Third, bring dishes and other fragile items.
  • Boxes. Stock up on a huge amount of them, better in different sizes. Also, a wide adhesive tape will become your indispensable friend for this period. Even dense garbage bags, a variety of “checkered” and other bags will come in handy.
  • Stock up on packing film or cloth for breakable and fragile items.
  • If the furniture is oversized, and the doorways and stairs are wide enough, then you can do without parsing it into small parts and transporting it folded. Don’t forget that you can sign boxes by content. This will help you when you arrive at a new place to easily find what you need.
  • Make a plan in advance for arranging furniture and household appliances in a new place. It will also save time and keep you from having to do rearrangements later on.
  • Remember that the weight of one box should not exceed 30 kg.
  • Do not mix food with household chemicals or clothing.
  • It’s a good idea to gather a few boxes marked “Open First” ahead of time to keep the essentials you might need as soon as you move into a new location. It can be a set of dishes, personal hygiene items, clean linens, clothes and shoes for the first days, or a laptop. Think about what you can’t do without. Check that everything you need is in place.
  • During the collection process, you can find many items and things that have not been used for several years. Feel free to throw them away or sell them. There are many sites on the Internet where you can offer everything that you no longer need, or respond to a specific request for help so as not to overpay for transportation.
  • Do not schedule shipping in the evening. Be aware of traffic jams. To avoid unnecessary financial costs, it is better to move in the morning or on a weekend.
  • Tools. They may be needed to install a washing machine, hang a cornice, a shelf, etc.
  • If you have children or pets, send them somewhere at the time of the move.
  • Pack all the equipment last.
  • Flammable substances, various solvents, and varnishes must be packed separately from other things.
  • Keep all especially valuable things (jewelry, jewelry, money, and documents) with you. This also applies to medicines.
  • If you decide to use the services of a transport company with loaders, there is nothing to worry about. Professionals know their job well. They will carry out an accurate calculation and transport your property quickly and without loss of quality. The Reliable and high-quality packaging of the moving company guarantees the safety and security of property during transportation.

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