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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration – ACell + PRP for Hair

Acell hair loss- Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - ACell + PRP for Hair

Dealing with hair loss can be frustrating, especially if you have not yet established its cause. You are left with no option but to seek proper diagnosis and treatment that may involve surgical or nonsurgical hair loss procedures such as Acell hair loss treatment or PRP for hair loss therapy. These are the two major non-surgical procedures that have proven to be quite effective in treating various forms of hair loss conditions. However, before you decide which hair loss treatment to go for, it is advisable to consult with your doctor or dermatologist, who will first establish the cause of your hair loss before suggesting any treatment options.

Since hair loss conditions have various causes, finding the root cause of your balding condition will make it easier for you to seek proper treatment options. Depending on the type or form of hair loss condition that you are suffering from, your hair specialist may suggest medication, surgical, or nonsurgical procedures. Acell hair loss treatment is among the latest nonsurgical procedures that doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic offer.

For several years, doctors have been advising patients to consider hair loss treatment options such as medical or surgical hair transplants. However, due to medical advancements, new and much more effective non-surgical procedures such as PRP and ACell (extracellular matrix) have popped up. These two techniques of hair restoration work effectively by stimulating inactive hair follicles stem cells.
Our focus shall be on ACell and PRP for hair loss combinations as nonsurgical methods of hair restoration. But before we begin, we will start by defining these two hair loss procedures separately.

What is PRP for hair loss therapy?

PRP simply means platelet-rich plasma. It involves the extraction of plasma with a high concentration of platelets from the patient’s blood, which inject into the scalp to rejuvenate hair dormant hair follicles. Platelets work effectively in stimulating weak or inactive hair follicles because they contain growth factors, which are a rich source of proteins. The rejuvenation happens in stem cells of dormant hair follicles and usually takes up to 3-4 months to work effectively.
PRP for hair loss can be used as a standalone procedure for treating hair loss. However, it will take longer for PRP to take effect compared to when it is fused with ACell hair loss treatment.

What is ACell hair loss treatment?

ACell’s MatriStem works at the cellular level when facilitating regeneration and repair of hair follicles. Non-surgical therapy involves a biological scaffold based on an extracellular matrix (ECM). The composition of ACell usually consists of elastin, glycosaminoglycans, laminin, fibronectin, as well as collagen I, II, III, IV, and VII. It also contains growth factors, which are perfect ingredients for hair growth. These growth factors include: 

The reason why many patients are now opting for ACell hair loss treatment is that once it injects into the scalp, it takes a shorter time to activate sleeping or dormant hair follicles. Although Acell is approved by the FDA to treat a wide range of injuries and sicknesses, it has not yet been approved as a hair loss treatment procedure. 

Why fuse PRP with ACell for hair loss therapy? 

The reason for merging these two non-surgical hair loss therapy is to increase the efficiency of the treatment and speed up results. PRP + ACell hair loss treatment combination involves getting a sample of blood from the patient, and once PRP extract, it mixes with the ACell powder. Before the scalp injects with the PRP and ACell injections, a numbing agent is first applied to the scalp to reduce discomfort and pain. Within an hour, the doctor will finish this procedure, and recovery will start, which also takes a short while. Side effects may include swelling and discomfort, which only last for 1 to 2 days after the therapy. 


Non-surgical procedures such as PRP and Acell hair loss treatment have proved to work effectively in getting rid of hair loss. However, when these two therapies fuse, they reduce the healing period, and efficiency also increases. Before deciding whether you want to opt for this combination of hair loss treatment, seek professional advice first. 

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