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Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a formal text that requires your opinion on a topic. Your opinion must be expressed clearly. Throughout the essay, you will give various arguments/reasons/views on the topic and these will be supported by evidence and/or examples. You can also include an opposing viewpoint in a paragraph.

Professor Shannon, who is doing her Ph.D. in education at UCT, is directing the UCT English Language Center Cambridge Advanced Certificate Exam (CAE ) preparation course. The main focus of CAE students has on exam preparation. On the other hand, teachers try to introduce and teach a series of strategies and tips to optimally complete all parts of the exam. One such strategy that is trained in the classroom is “How To write an Opinion Essay“.

Opinion Essay: Full Structure

The structure of the essay should maintain the following must:

1. Title

The main part is the “title”. When writing your headline, you should ask yourself first. Do you agree or disagree with your topic clearly? Then you should write that statement as the title of your essay. (Example title: Things You Don’t Know About The Amazing Spider-Man 3).

2. Introduction

-Hook: The first paragraph of an essay is the introduction and needs to include a ‘hook’ which is writing that catches the reader’s attention. A ‘hook’ can include data or a statistic or anything catchy statements.

-Thesis statement: You may also include the thesis statement in your introduction. A thesis statement is the main statement or claim or opinion of your essay.

3. Argument/reason

You will make several arguments or show many reasons, which will defend your thesis statement in an opinion essay. For each argument/reason you need to provide evidence. You may have multiple arguments or reasons. You have to elaborate all clearly to the readers.

4. Evidence of support

Every argument/reason must be supported by evidence which may be in the form of additional research, citing an academic document/paper, data, and graphs. What’s important here is that the research and data are accurate and really make your case.

Please note the point: There are several paragraphs of arguments/reasons followed by several paragraphs of support. You could also mention an opposing point of view in one of these paragraphs.

5. Conclusion

The conclusion of any essay summarizes the thoughts and ideas that were written throughout the essay. At the conclusion of an opinion-based essay, the thesis statement is usually rewritten in the author’s own words to highlight their agreement or disagreement with the topic. A conclusion is a powerful way to end an essay and should leave the reader (Example: In short, poaching kills thousands of animals annually resulting in many species on the endangered species list. Conservation of these animals is expensive and time-consuming I believe, therefore, that it is undeniable that there should be a ban on international poaching.)

But you should remember before start writing:

-use connectors and link words throughout

– keep your style formal (no abbreviations, slang, or informal phrases)

-write in a logical sequence that is easy to follow

– if you decide on essay writing by hand, write it clearly and legibly

I Hope, these guidelines will help you to write your own opinion-based essay.

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