Planning Your Wedding? Read This!

Congratulations, finally the day has come! You’re engaged. Yes, your most awaited day is getting close and you’re starting to plan your wedding. It’s common knowledge that arranging this kind of event can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. And after you get engaged, you are automatically expected by families and friends to organize a big party, most likely the most extravagant of your life, with no experience in event planning and normally very little help. 

There might be so many things, questions, ideas that are flying through your mind right now. So, how do you even start? Before you get carried away with all the fun of wedding planning, here are the top 5 things you must know first before planning your big day. 

Consider Your Finances and Budget 

You’re probably wondering how much a wedding costs, well, the answer to that is as much as you want it to cost. Before you get too excited with all your wedding planning endeavours, you and your fiance must agree on a final total budget for your big day. 

It’s important that you set a budget immediately for your wedding. Make sure that you sit down and determine the amount of money you’re capable of spending whether your parents, his parents or you and your fiance will be paying for the wedding. 

Hire a Wedding Planner

Since we’ve mentioned budget, a wedding planner knows how you can stay within your budget. And they can also help remove the stress away from you during the planning process, even on your wedding day as well. A lot of brides assume that hiring an on-the-day wedding coordinator will cost them more money in the end, this is not true. 

These people are experienced to have more connections to the wedding industry than anyone else you know, giving you more deals and negotiating prices so you don’t have to struggle to look for these things. These people are experts in the wedding industry and they will be there for you every step of the way. 

You will also feel more relaxed and you can have fun on your wedding day knowing that your planner is there to arrange your needs with the florist, caterer, and other vendors that are a part of your wedding. If you want to maintain a sound mind, then hiring a planner is highly recommended. 

Decide Where You Want to Get Married 

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Do you already have a place in mind where you want to say your sweetest “I do”? The choices can be pretty overwhelming, from exotic beach resorts to tropical island’s of paradise to countryside chic and to rustic romantic retreats, there’s a wide array of amazing places to say ‘I Do’. 

This is probably your first biggest decision that you need to narrow down geographically as a couple if you want to enjoy your wedding while considering your guests too. 

List of Your Wedding Guests 

Without questions asked, try to create a list of who has to be at your wedding. Write down who you would want to be there and the extra guests you think would help to create a fun party atmosphere. You might be thinking of a maximum of 50 guests would be enough but when you list them down, the list gets over 70. 

Work this one out until you can come up with a final estimated guest number. During this time, you can also talk about who you would like at your wedding party, from the groomsman to the best man to the maid of honour to bridesmaids to page boy and flower girl. There are plenty of things you need to consider. 

Just Get Out There as a Bride & Groom-to-be

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Taste the VIP champagne, purchase those fancy wedding magazines, visit wedding fairs, subscribe to use newsletters and start to have fun at this new stage in your life. Time can fly so fast and the memories of the initial noise and excitement of the planning will be ones that you’ll forever treasure together with your wedding day. 

Most importantly, enjoy your engagement first! It’s a magical time filled with love and excitement for your brand new fiance. Relax and spend time together, don’t pressure yourself too much. Enjoy the happy messages and well wishes from your family and friends. 

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