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Play LEGO and learn

Play LEGO and learn LEGO is a wonderful toy with which children can make anything they can imagine … it is a means of artistic expression, it is a tool that people use to design amazing things like machines and rockets, sometimes it is even used to make movies, and it’s also a great learning tool.


kids can play LEGO and learn!

Mathematical and scientific skills. Building buildings with Lego bricks promotes spatial reasoning and awareness of proportions and patterns. When a child builds, her mind reasons about which blocks will work best, how they should be arranged, and how big or small the creation should be. Lego bricks also teach fractions and division. Keep it all or divide it all in half… children learn fractions without even realizing it. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With V For Kids

Physics and engineering

Physics and engineering are covered skills as well. When building a large building or bridge, you learn to think in three dimensions, think about weight for balance, and use supports for your structures. Creativity Creativity is perhaps the most obvious benefit of learning with Legos.

Building with bricks promotes

Building with bricks promotes the child’s creativity. Kids can put aside the instructions on the Lego boxes and use just the bricks to create anything their minds can imagine. This way of playing with Lego encourages children to think for themselves and dream of endless possibilities. The real beauty of Lego is that kids don’t realize everything, it’s just a fun activity for them.

Educational toys

Think about it parents because after all, educational toys or games often work better if children don’t realize they are learning something. Physical development The most obvious physical benefit of building things with Lego bricks is fine motor development. OK, engine mastery is those that need small muscle actions When a child handles Lego bricks, he develops coordination in the small muscles of his fingers and hands.

Capability to Track Directives

The capability to track directives is also a blessing of Lego. Lego boxes are usually sold with instructions, which the child must follow step by step to complete the task and complete the construction. The ability to reason When a child builds with Legos, she is using her skills to solve problems. He has to find out what is blocking the construction of his building, sometimes using trial and error.

Planning and organization

Planning and organization are other advantages. Making a building out of Lego requires the child to have a plan before building it, even if it is just a base. The child must also organize his thoughts and Lego pieces to bring her idea to life. Here’s a nifty Lego play idea I found at Sunshine and Hurricanes, just print out the challenge cards.

A distraction on a rainy day

Whether as part of a leisurely welcome, a distraction on a rainy day, or even a school game, this fun and creative Lego activity are sure to be a hit! How to play Lego Challenge Children can form teams or create their creations individually to complete the challenges described on the cards.

You can print the challenge cards for free HERE!

After printing the cards on heavy paper, cut them out and stack them in piles or mix them up in an empty container for the children to draw. Tell the children to form a circle and empty a container of Lego bricks in the center.

Then ask them to take a card from the pile or container and read the challenge aloud. Give yourself a time frame to complete (10-15 minutes seems to work well in a group) and let the teams get started! When everyone has finished, regroup for each team to show what they have done to the others. You can plan small prizes to offer to challengers:

A prize for the most beautiful construction

another for the most original construction, another for the fastest builders, etc. Everything is to reward each team or participant, without losing in the creation.

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