Pros and Cons of Going Through an Invisalign Treatment

Different kinds of dental treatments have been discovered and made available to address several dental issues of people today. One of the most common teeth solutions, particularly for misaligned and crooked teeth, would be the invisalign treatment. And over the recent years, clear aligners have become increasingly popular as a way to straighten or realign your teeth. While the other alternative for these clear aligners would be traditional metal braces, more and more people opt to go through invisalign treatment, nonetheless, because of the several benefits it provides. 

The clear aligners used for this treatment are designed to make orthodontic treatment less noticeable, as the name implies. And although invisalign aligners are not fully invisible, they do fit snugly over your teeth and are far less obvious than traditional braces’ brackets and wires. Crowding and spacing problems, as well as some mild and moderate biting concerns like overbite, underbite, and crossbite, can all be addressed with an Invisalign treatment.

Cheaper and Faster Alternative

With the arrival of invisalign aligners, patients who desire a more discreet remedy for this dental problem now have a terrific option. According to a study on transparent aligners in orthodontic treatment, it is even positioned as a cheaper, faster alternative to more complete orthodontic treatments. This can be considered a solution for modest tooth movement with limited clinical usefulness. It straightens and aligns one’s teeth without making one feel uncomfortable. People often become anxious just thinking about having to put up with the pain and unsightly appearance of traditional braces. As a result, if you are worried about how to treat your crooked or misaligned teeth, invisalign aligners can help.

But before actually opting to go through this treatment, it is important to have a grasp of what their pros and cons are. This will give you an idea whether an invisalign treatment is good and will work for you or not. Read on to learn more.



Invisalign is a better alternative if you think the looks of metal braces would be bothersome. This is a very prevalent reason why people choose Invisalign. The wires and brackets of the braces are significantly more visible than these clear aligners. Most folks would not even notice that you are wearing clear aligners because they are practically invisible. This means you can keep smiling in photos and feeling good about yourself while surreptitiously straightening your teeth. You will not worry about how you will look in photos; all you will see is the progress of your ever-improving smile.


If necessary, you can physically remove the aligner from your mouth. Because these Invisalign aligners are removable, Invisalign can be used for a variety of purposes. To begin, you can consume any meal you like during your treatment. You may also brush and floss your teeth without having to struggle with brackets and wires.

Ease of Cleaning Your Teeth

You may brush and floss your teeth without having to work around wires and brackets if you remove the aligner. Also, according to a recent study, this can help your periodontal health by lowering the number of germs lurking around your teeth and gums. As a result, you will only need to maintain your invisalign treatment on a regular basis. You still need to brush your teeth and clean your aligners, but since you start a new set every two weeks, it does not matter if they are in good form at the end of your two weeks. Brushing your aligners when you brush your teeth is all you need to do to keep them clean.

You will remove your Invisalign retainers to brush your teeth, as well as when eating and drinking. You can continue cleaning and flossing as usual now that there is nothing on your teeth to worry about.

Fewer Potential Problems

Many people with traditional braces have stories about a bracket falling off or a wire breaking, necessitating an emergency orthodontic visit. With transparent aligners, you would not have to worry about that. Much of the orthodontist’s work with Invisalign happens before you put on your aligners. All bespoke retainers are made in a laboratory using a 3D scan of your teeth. According to your orthodontist’s instructions, you should change the multiple sets of retainers. Because adjustments are not required, visits to the orthodontist are kept to a minimum to monitor development. Fewer orthodontist appointments equal less time away from work.


Less Effective for Complex Issues

While research is limited, it appears that Invisalign is more successful for patients who simply require little tooth movement. For more complicated disorders, your doctor may recommend another treatment approach. Invisalign might not be the best option for you if you have bridgework on part of your teeth.

Requires Compliance

Invisalign aligners must be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day to achieve optimal results. It might not be the greatest decision for you if you think you will be tempted to take them out more frequently. You cannot just remove your aligners because you are going to a party or taking pictures. There is not actually much room to enjoy life without your aligners with only two hours each day for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Removal When Eating or Drinking

Before eating or drinking anything other than water, it is advised to take your aligners out. Food or drink can get into them if you do not remove them. Thus, you must remove your aligners discreetly and not lose them when you are out in public. Once taken off, brush your teeth before putting your aligners back on. Food particles might obstruct the movement of your teeth and stain your aligners. You may also be more likely to get cavities and have foul breath. Bacteria grows along your teeth and gum line, perhaps leading to cavities. Liquid can also soak down into them, staining the aligners as well as your teeth.

Food Limitations

When the aligner is removed, you may suffer tooth sensitivity, which may limit your eating options. Hard meals, in particular, should be avoided.

Key Takeaway

As mentioned above, before going through an invisalign treatment, it is important to understand their pros and cons, or both their advantages and disadvantages as well. This will help you make your decision easier — on what type of orthodontic treatment you may need, and whether wearing these clear aligners is a good option for you. Make sure you have a clear idea about it, for you to make an informed decision.

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