Roku Error Code 014.50: How to Fix It?

We can easily use a Roku device, but sometimes it shows various errors. Roku will display error code 014.50 whenever a local connection is not available. We cannot establish the network connection due to a problem with the network. There is no streaming of content and shows the error message “Can’t connect to your wireless network, error code 014.50”. 

In this case, the signal strength suddenly drops, which is one of the major causes. Users get frustrated with this error because they are not able to see their favorite shows. 

Reasons for Roku Error Code 014.50

There is a need to know the reason for the occurrence of this error. Here we discuss its causes so that we can quickly fix them.

Incorrect Wi-Fi Credentials

Sometimes we have entered the incorrect wifi credentials, so the Roku device does not connect to available networks. It is necessary to check whether we entered the appropriate passwords or not. It is a simple point but is also crucial.

Weak or Slow Network 

Slow or unstable internet connectivity is a major cause of Roku error code 014.50. When streaming Roku device content, this error might occur if your internet connection is weak. To avoid getting into such an error, make sure your internet connection is strong enough to stream content on Roku. 

Broken Ethernet Cable

When our Ethernet cable is damaged or broken, this error occurs. We must check whether our cable is working well or not. There is a need to connect them properly or replace them.

Methods of Fixing Roku Error Code 014.50

We can quickly fix the Roku error 014.50. Here we check the ways to fix this error so that Roku streams our favorite programs.

Restart Your Router

There is a chance of internal glitches or bugs in a router. It is imperative to restart the router so that the internet works properly. There is a need to follow these steps to restart the router.

  • You can either unplug the power cable from the back or hold the power button to turn off your router.
  • Reset your router and wait for seconds.
  • Plug in the power cord again.
  • Once you have reset the router, wait for it to restart.

It will refresh the internet connection and fix the error.

Check Wifi Password

You may see the Roku error code 014.50 if the Wi-Fi Password is incorrect. There is a need to check that we will enter the correct password. If it is incorrect, it is difficult to connect with Roku. It is crucial to enter the correct passwords.

You may see the Roku Device Not Working if the Wi-Fi password is incorrect. There is a need to check that we entered the correct password. If it is incorrect, it is difficult to connect with Roku. It is crucial to enter the correct credentials so that Roku error 014.50 fix.

Check Your Network Connection

When we received error code 014.50 on Roku despite entering the correct password. It is because of a slow or weak internet connection. There is a need to check our network connectivity. There is a need to ensure a stable network resolves the problem. It is better to use an Ethernet cable than a wireless connection because it offers a stable and strong internet connection.

Reboot Your Roku Device

We can also reboot them because it is an effective way. It helps to make the device refresh and restart again, which helps in fixing the Roku error code 014.50.

On Player

  • First of all, go to settings.
  • Tap on the system and choose the option System restart.

On Roku TV

  • Go to TV settings
  • Tap on System on your Roku device.
  • Choose the power option.
  • Click on System Restart

After doing these steps, it helps to fix Roku error 014.50.

Check Your Ethernet Cable

A damaged or uncertified USB cable may cause your network issues if you are using a wired connection. There is a need to replace them and use certified wires. When we use official Roku cables there is less chance of error.

Reset Your Router

It is the last step of fixing the Roku error code 014.50. We can fix the problem by resetting your router to its default settings if none of the above-listed fixes work We can follow these steps so that we can reset them.

  • Disconnect devices from routers such as laptops, PC, and many others.
  • Hold and press the Reset button for a few seconds. We can use a paperclip to press them.
  •  The LED lights start flashing.
  • Release the button 
  • Wait for a few seconds.

After resetting the router, it comes in default settings. It is necessary to set up the router again. Now it fixes Roku error 014.50.

Wrap Up

We can fix Roku error code 014.50 with the above steps. It is necessary to follow each step properly so that we fix them quickly. It is crucial to fix Roku error 014.50 so that we can watch our favorite content.

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