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SEO Guide for Home Renovation Service Website

Your home remodelling business can also get leads when your website’s search engine ranking improves. That’s why you need proper SEO techniques to boost the visibility of your website. There are various other ways to promote your business, such as Social media marketing, print ads, etc.

However, SEO techniques can help you get organic traffic and can drive your potential clients. Continue reading this article and find a complete SEO guideline for your remodelling business to stand out.

SEO for home renovating website: In brief

Customers looking for home renovation services would search for companies near their location. Therefore, they will enter relevant search terms to find out companies that offer such services. Then the search engines provide relevant results. Search engine optimizations help improve your website’s ranking on the SERPs.

Your business website needs to appear at the top of the search results. That’s why you must know the factors that can help receive a higher ranking from Google. There are certain factors that Google verifies to determine a website’s ranking. It includes verifying user-friendliness, the site’s keyword integration, the relevance of the content, and the number of links from authority pages.

Your home remodelling company can easily stand out when you implement proper SEO techniques keeping all these into account.

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Useful tips for improving the SEO ranking of your remodelling business website

Below are the tips that any leading SEO services provider in India would suggest for improving the visibility of websites. So, check out and find out how your website can rank well in the SERPs.

Pick the right keywords:

Keywords are the terms that make your website appear in the search results seamlessly. That’s why you need to choose them very carefully while keeping all the possible search terms in your mind. Moreover, it has to be relevant to your website content.

You can’t speed up the process of keyword research as it requires brainstorming to find the right terms. You need to find out action-related keywords that visitors might be using. Most importantly, ignore generic terms that are not indicating any action specifically purchase-related.

Once you prepare your list of keywords you need to check the suggestions that appear in the search engines. Yes, suggestions from Google are important to finalize the ideal keywords for your site. After that check the traffic these keywords can generate. However, try not to pick the one that generates the highest traffic. Try to choose a few long-tail keywords to show up on the SERPs.

Compare your website’s performance with your competitors’:

An impactful SEO strategy is not possible without analyzing your website’s performance and comparing it with that of your competitors.

While analyzing your website you need to check if your website is secure, and also its mobile-friendliness. Besides, check the loading speed of the site, the quality of the content, and also the backlinks.

You will also have to check if the images of the website are optimized or not. After verifying all these you must note down the results. Then compare them with the information you receive after verifying your competitors’ sites. This way you will understand how you can improve your website’s performance which is also important to secure a better ranking.

Prepare informative content:

Your website should have content that is informative and also engaging. It must educate the website visitors with the answers and information they are looking for. This helps you establish the brand as the expert in your field. Moreover, providing relevant content helps win your visitors’ trust and consequently, they would come back.

To pick your content, consider what your customers must be looking for or what information you must provide to them. Above all, focus on preparing content that guides the visitors new to your site looking for home remodelling services.

Fix your website’s technical issues:

By conducting an audit on your website you may find technical issues such as security threats, website speed, and mobile friendliness. Once you identify the issues you must fix them otherwise this may make a negative impact on your website.

A website with all such issues would be annoying for all your visitors and can increase your site’s bounce rate. That’s why to identify the issues that are deteriorating your website’s performance and improve your ranking by solving them.

Earning backlinks to your site:

You can think of guest blogging to get more traffic to your site. So, post your blog on a website that has high traffic and get visitors directly to your site through the links.

Make sure you are posting well-crafted and engaging content. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to engage the readers. Moreover, getting more backlinks increases the chance to get a higher ranking on SERPs.

Optimizing the web pages for search engines:

You must optimize the pages of your site. So, add a title tag and meta description with keywords to each web page. Through the SEO plug at the back end of the website, you can enter the title and the meta description. Besides, each page must have the subject of it which will reduce the scope of any confusion.

You must help the search engines understand the structure and the subject of the page. Therefore, never forget to use heading tags and set that in the CSS stylesheet. Another important point to consider is maintaining a variety of key phrases across your landing pages.

Creating a GMB profile:

To make your company’s presence known you need useful tools and a GMB(Google My Business) profile is one of them. To create your GMB profile you have to confirm your own first and then provide some important business information.

GMB profile includes your business hours, contact details, address, and other information customers must know to contact you. Also, provide payment-related information, and your services along with the profile. Take the help of Google Post to make your GMB profile visible to your target audience.


Hopefully, this article has provided all the relevant information regarding SEO techniques for home remodelling. To plan your SEO strategy consider the tips we have shared here and you will see the change.

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