Seven tips for selling your used car in Brisbane

Many people are hesitant to sell their cars because it takes time and effort. This can lead to you keeping an old and expensive car for too long, which could end up costing you more (think gasoline, insurance, and repairs) than simply selling it! Follow this article if you want to know ‘how to sell my car Brisbane’!

Selling your car is not as troublesome as you may believe. Staying informed about the various options available to you when selling your vehicle can help you make the best decision and maximize your sale price.

You are selling your car to a dealership.

Selling to a dealer is a simple way to sell your vehicle. If you do not intend to purchase another car after selling your current one, selling to a dealer may be more convenient and quicker than arranging a private sale. You don’t have to worry about deciding on a price or finding a buyer.

However, before contacting the dealer, you should get a sense of the value of your vehicle. The dealer’s offer will be based on how many similar cars they currently have in stock. Even if you’re selling rather than buying, shopping around for the best deal is still important! Also, don’t be afraid to bargain. When selling to a dealership, this is entirely normal.

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Tip 1: Make your car look perfect.

Take the time to rinse your car inside and out and clean it throughout the selling process. If you don’t desire to work by yourself, hire a mobile car detailer to clean your car inside and out. Presentation is everything when selling a car, and it will help you get a little extra money for it.

Tip 2: The price is reasonable.

Make sure the price you put on your car is reasonable. Do some market research on classified websites – an overpriced vehicle will turn off potential buyers. And, if you’re pricing your vehicle above the market, make sure you explain why; are you selling it with optional accessories? List any extras your truck has to ensure that potential buyers don’t overlook them.

Tip 3: Organize your documents

Make sure you have your owner’s manual, logbook, and service records available for inspection by a buyer. Include all receipts if you have new tires or will be selling them with driving lights or a bullbar.

Tip 4: The test drive

Before allowing a potential buyer to drive your car, make sure you see their driver’s license. And never, ever, ever let them operate without you in the car. Check with your insurance company to see if a potential buyer is covered in the event of an accident during the ‘test drive.’

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Tip 5: Be prepared to bargain.

Before listing your car for sale, determine the lowest price you will accept. Selling a car can be the most challenging bargaining experience of your life, so be prepared. You can haggle with potential buyers about price, but make sure you stick to the price you won’t go below. Once you’ve reached it, inform the buyer that this is the final price, and they can accept it or reject it. Be brave at this point! Remember, it’s your car, so don’t settle for less than it’s worth.

Tip 6: Keep your receipt.

Once both the parties reach a mutual price and the buyer has agreed to purchase the car from you, give them a receipt stating that the vehicle is being sold ‘as seen,’ and keep a signed copy.

Tip 7: Completed transaction

Never give the keys to your card until you have been paid in full. If you’re being paid by cheque (yes, people still use cheques), make sure it clears first.


No matter how much money car sales websites spend on marketing to convince us that selling a used car is simple, it isn’t. But, as there is a saying, being forearmed is forewarned, so here we have listed Practical Motoring’s top tips for selling a used car. Want to know more about Qld Car Wreckers? We wreck all kinds of vehicles that are beyond repair or have finished their life. We are situated in different locations around Brisbane to provide convenient wrecking, removal and cash for car services.

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