SMART TVS: An Impressive Choice Of Entertainment!

Whether you want to watch a movie, Television Repair Services in West Midlands listen to music or even play a video game, everything is possible with a connected TV! Take advantage of all the possibilities that are in front of you with this kind of device.

Smart TV: what is it?

We were already use to being able to access more and more channels and enjoy an impressive number of programs, but now with connect TVs , the choice becomes almost unlimited. Indeed, this kind of device is linked with your other electronic devices that you have at home, and also with your Internet network. You can therefore use it to watch your daily entertainment, but also for many other activities now accessible on the big screen thanks to this technology. And that, without having to move from your couch  !

Internet connection

The basis for enjoying all the advantages of a connected TV is to have a good Internet connection. For this, Television Repair Services in West Midlands you have two possible choices:

  • Pass through the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Use a wire connection.

Both of these options have their pros and cons. For Wi-Fi, you enjoy great freedom since you do not need a cable for your television to be connect. So you don’t have to look for ways to hide these unsightly elements lying around between the furniture in your living room  ! However, a wire connection, with a cable and an Ethernet jack, can provide better, higher, and more stable throughput.

Link to other devices

Thanks to a wifi connection, you can also connect all your devices to your television. In this way, thanks to a connect television, you have possibilities that you did not have with a conventional TV. For example, you can turn your tablet or mobile phone into a remote control to more easily operate your connect TV and even enter text. The Screen Mirroring feature allows you to display everything you have on your smartphone or tablet on the big screen. It is even possible to use your connect TV instead of your PC! The files you have on your computer can be share very easily, whether it concerns movies, photos or even music.

Applications for your connected tv

As with your smartphone or tablet, your TV also has its own operating system. All brands do not necessarily have the same one, but many of them are equipp with Android TV. Others, meanwhile, use Web OS or Tizen. This means that you can install applications on your connected TV ! It is then quite possible to customize your device as much as possible to adapt it to your personal preferences and needs. Via the catalog of your television, you have a large choice of varied and ergonomic applications to download.

Services available live on your smart TV

You still doubt the usefulness of one? Sharing content between your mobile device and smart TV has never been easier, from videos and photos to games and apps. Countless services are available to you:

  • On-demand content: cinema, youth programs or series.
  • Catch-up TV allows you to watch missed programs.
  • You can play games or listen to music.

One of the other services popular with users is the assistant, like Google Assistant or Alexa. These are search and voice control tools that will allow you to access information, Best Home Appliance Repair Company in Leicester programs and content, Television Repair Services in West Midlands control other devices, control applications or even plan your day. Note that only the most recent models are compatible with this service.

A wide range of entertainment

Between Internet access to your various electronic devices and a wide range of different applications, your connect TV becomes a real entertainment interface. There really is something for all tastes and desires! Whether you like movies or series, a wide variety of content is accessible through applications. In addition, the classic television channels offer replay services to watch the shows you might have missed. And video games are not left out! They have been specially design so that you can play them with a remote control. Finally, it is also possible to use your television as a radio or to listen to your favorite music.

Other features and evolution

If connect TVs are above all there to offer us a whole range of entertainment, they can also offer very useful services. For example, it is possible to check the weather or road traffic before leaving home or take a quick look at all your social networks. In addition, Television Repair Services in West Midlands they are also equipp with USB sockets through which you can directly plug in a USB key or an external hard drive to view photos or movies.

Finally, the advantage of having an operating system connected to the Internet is access to regular updates. The user experience is therefore optimize over time and your equipment becomes obsolete less quickly over time.

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