The Best Ways to Switch Your Dog to a Raw Diet

Processed food is not the best for your pet unless specifically recommended by your vet. Most pet parents still pick kibble because it is easier to manage, and pets take to them better. Most people believe diets like raw dog food in Sydney are difficult to obtain, but that is far from the truth. With more than half the households in New South Wales and Capital Territory raising dogs, having raw dog food delivered to your doorstep is not hard.

Once you have the perfect food, the next step is transitioning your pooch from processed dog food to enriched raw food. The process might overwhelm you and your pet because the transition time comes with upset bowels and soft stools. After the pet’s system is used to the food, these symptoms should subside.

Different Approaches to Switching Diets

There are two ways to take while trying to transition your pet’s diet. The first one is switching cold turkey. You have confidence that your dog’s digestive system will respond positively to the new food. This method is the most effective in young dogs and puppies. However, despite the age, some young pets also face trouble while transitioning to a raw diet.

The cold turkey method can be stressful for both of you unless you are strong enough to weather the symptoms. If you rush to a vet because of soft stools or bowel symptoms, the vet may ask you to switch back because most of them don’t appreciate raw diets for pets.

The second trick is to transition gradually. This method may take longer for pets depending on their age, but it is the safest route you can take. Different techniques can slowly change your dog’s diet into a mostly raw one.

Treat First

This is the midpoint between a gradual and cold turkey switch. You can start this by giving your dog a raw treat on the first day. After monitoring the stool, if there are no issues, you can increase the number of raw treats you give your pet. When no symptoms show up for 3-4 days, substitute one meal with completely raw food. Seeing how your dog is faring, you can completely transition your dog’s diet to raw food after a few days.

Adjusting Ratios

The next step you can try is slowly adding ratios of raw dog food to your pet’s diet. By gradually replacing the small portions of processed food with raw dog food, you can give your dog’s system ample time to familiarise itself with the new diet. This approach is recommended if your pet is old or has a hypersensitive digestive system.

Cooked Before Raw

Another way to transition your dog’s diet is moving from processed kibble to cooked and raw food. You start the process by cooking the food completely in the initial days. Slowly, you can reduce the cooking time and serve rarer meat. Cooked bones can crack and choke your pet, so avoid cooking the bones. When cooked right, there is no reason why you and your pet can’t enjoy some well-cooked Sydney brisket or jerky together.

Final Thoughts

With pet ‘parenting’ increasing on the rise, people are making safer and healthier choices like raw dog food in Sydney. With the growing Australian pet food industry, pets with a processed food diet have poorer gut health, weakened immune systems, and suppressed digestive functions.

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