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The handmade, authentic, decorative and elegant rug.

Handmade carpets are also called Oriental and Perisna rugs for sale because they are mainly designed in India, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, but also in Pakistan, Morocco, etc.

Combining ancestral tradition and conceptual modernity, each handmade carpet is a unique masterpiece, with its particular handcrafting, but also its patterns, designs and colors. Which makes it an exceptional piece of great value.

In our wide range of choices, everyone will be able to find the handmade rug of their dreams, which will correspond to their expectations and desires.

Why buy a handmade rug?

All handmade rugs for sale are, as their name suggests, made manually with recognized skill, resulting from ancestral know-how. Handmade rugs are therefore handmade rugs. They are, in fact, pledge of an undeniable cachet because they are unique and authentic pieces. Choosing a handmade rug is therefore a matter of desire and taste as much as a desire to stand out with a magnificent piece of prodigious beauty and quality.

The reputation and notoriety of traditional hand-knotted carpets are therefore well established. There is no doubt that your Oriental rug will easily find its place anywhere in your interior and will be more remarkable and noticed by your guests. Whether with a classic or more modern interior decoration, our handmade rugs meet all needs and blend in everywhere because they correspond to all the desired styles.

Plain or semi-plain, with ethnic, graphic, floral motifs, in various and varied shapes and materials… there is something for all tastes and all uses! As a result, they will find their place in any room on the floor as well as hanging on the wall for a sublime rendering. To do this, there is no doubt that you will find the handmade rug of your dreams in the wide collection that we put at your feet.

The benefits of handmade rugs

The first aspect and significant advantage of handmade rugs is that they are decorative. Indeed, a beautiful handmade carpet in your interior spaces that changes everything! A touch of decoration and additional colors will always be welcome to give elegance to your living room, your office, your dining room, your hallway, your entrance or your bedroom, or that of your children or your guests. We will rather choose light and pastel tones to soothe the atmosphere of an already very busy and colorful interior. And, on the other hand, we will opt for more lively and marked colors for a more soberly decorated space.
In addition to its decorative and unique aspect, as we have explained, the handmade rug is also very resistant. Indeed, Oriental rugs are made according to three great ancestral methods: the techniques of knotting, weaving and tufting. These processes require a very high knot density, which makes them excellent quality rugs. Handmade carpets are therefore as much renowned for their beauty as for their solidity, which gives them a varied use with an extremely long maintenance and lifespan! You can therefore choose to place your Oriental rug wherever you want, it will find its place and will suit everywhere.

Handmade rugs are therefore safe bets. These authentic, decorative and elegant pieces do not however neglect their resistant side thanks to manufacturing processes resulting from ancestral know-how and an undeniable quality in the face of wear and crushing. Thus, your Oriental rug will be the guarantee of a very good hold over time, whatever the use you want to make of it and the place where you choose it to sit and sublimate your interior.

The specificities of handmade rugs

For a traditional, exclusive and elegant decoration, nothing will be comparable to a magnificent handmade carpet. The tradition of Oriental rugs goes back thousands of years and has its roots in the nomadic peoples of the Central Asian steppes, who favored the decorative aspect as well as the comfortable and resistant aspect of their creations. Each manufacturing process provides, even today, welcome comfort and ease of maintenance.

With their multiple origins, their models and their colors, Oriental rugs are so many invitations to travel. Universal cultural objects, handmade carpets immerse you in a historical universe, specific to each tribe and each country of origin, while transcending your decoration. True works of art, Oriental rugs express the tradition and history of their peoples by introducing the magic and warmth of these parts of the world into your interior. Buy Online!

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