The purpose of the oil in the cooling system

The oil in the freezer is used to lubricate the compressor and keep the freezer running smoothly. Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan have a special oil formulation is required to lubricate the internal components of the compressor. This increases the cost of building and operating the cooling system. While environmental concerns such as waste oil disposal and ozone depletion will contribute to global warming. In the near future refrigeration systems will be essential for food storage and human comfort. But technological advances in oil-free pressurized systems could change the way cold air is produced. But at least in the short term it will cost more you need to read its Honeywell Distributor in Pakistan.

Freezer oil read

Refrigeration oil is used to lubricate compressors that produce cold air. Oil reduces friction on metal parts. Reduce compressor wear and increase the service life of the system.
Coolant is a special high-temperature compound designed for use in cooling systems. Therefore, it is important to use the recommended lotion for the device. Oil that is too heavy does not flow slowly in all areas of the work. Oil that is too light does not stick and does not lubricate well.

How to lubricate the system

The process of circulating refrigerant to cool freezers, refrigerators and refrigerators increases the pressure and temperature of the gas. As the temperature rose the metal parts began to heat up. This increases the refrigerant vapor pressure and travels through the system to lubricate the hot metal components of the compressor. Cooling and lubrication of hot metals help the compressor flow efficiently. Reduces wear on components
Type of oil needed for lubrication The specific type of cooling system depends largely on the compressor capacity. What is a measure of the cooling capacity of the system it is measured in British thermal units or British thermal units.

Types of oils used in the cooling system

There are two main types of lubricants used in cooling systems: synthetic and mineral oil.
Synthetic oils last longer. But mineral oil is half the price and is often used in industrial applications such as air conditioners in commercial buildings and freezers in grocery stores.
The exact composition of the oil for some compressors depends on the size and capacity of the compressor. Measuring the resistance of the lubricant to factors such as temperature, oil viscosity and pressure is an important factor in the formulation of the lubricant used in the compressor.

Lubrication during compressor failure

Compressor usually “seasonally adjusted” by injecting synthetic lubricant into the unit during the initial period of equipment failure to test the equipment and make sure it is ready before installation. The compressor oil is drained and lubricated again before being sent from the manufacturer.

Lotion coolers and the future of the environment

Some refrigeration compressors operate without oil. But buying and maintaining it is much more expensive. As a result, most industrial coolants use oil, which creates environmental problems as the lubricant must be drained and replaced regularly.

Compressor manufacturers are testing environmentally friendly lubricants such as highly refined mineral oils. To replace fossil fuel oil mineral oil is obtained from crude oil. But there is a little impurity. These compressors are designed to provide low cost while protecting the environment by reducing large amounts of fossil fuel oil waste, however, the production of refined mineral oil is too expensive.

These designs reduce global warming by reducing the amount of Crescent Corporation produced by the old refrigerant when the refrigerant enters the body.

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