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There’s a Buzz around Building Enterprise Apps with Laravel. Know all about it in This Guide.

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Laravel has become the Shakespeare of the web app development world lately. Everyone seems to know of it, even those who have just stepped their foot in the industry. Whether it’s developing a startup or building a mid-size app, Laravel is a trusted choice for both. 

Apart from these two, there’s an increasing buzz in the industry about choosing Laravel for enterprise app development. There is a list of questions associated with Laravel regarding its potential for handling big and enterprise-level apps. 

Honestly, whether Laravel is apt for big apps or not also depends on various factors such as the niche of the app, line of codes, security levels, traffic, etc. However, if we keep these factors aside and look at the milestones Laravel has achieved so far, it seems capable of developing one such app, isn’t it? But, we wouldn’t dive into the conclusions just now.

In order to know clearly about what Laravel can offer and whether or not it is apt for developing enterprise apps, we have certain insights to share with you in this blog. So, let’s start from the core, i.e., basics, first. 

What is Laravel? 

Well, we think you already know Laravel but let us relearn a bit. Laravel is a free and open-source framework used to create powerful web applications ranging from small to large projects. Laravel is the most preferred choice among app developers because of its features, functionality, and performance. The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture used by this PHP framework Laravel facilitates learning and quick prototyping of online applications.

What is an enterprise app? 

Generally, an enterprise application is a large software system platform designed for a corporate environment. Enterprise apps are more complex, scalable, component-based, and critical than the other small and mid-size apps. Enterprise apps usually require different types of software to streamline various activities, and several employees and experts work simultaneously to perform these activities and tasks. 

Which Laravel features are apt for developing enterprise apps?

After understanding Laravel framework and enterprise apps briefly, we will review a few features that make Laravel a suitable framework for building complex enterprise apps. 

Laravel queues 

With Laravel queues, time-consuming tasks can be postponed for later. Since an enterprise app has several tasks to take care of, Laravel queues help in providing a unified API across various queue back ends and rational databases. 


This feature offers a simple observer implementation to know and subscribe to various events that occur in the application. 


In Laravel, a built-in tool for the command line is provided, known as an artisan. This tool is a boon for enterprise apps as it manages to perform the majority of tedious and repetitive tasks related to programming, which otherwise had to be performed by Laravel developers


Enterprise apps require an extra layer of security, and Laravel takes care of it. Building enterprise apps with Laravel improves the security of the app by using salted and hashed passwords which means it never saves the password as plain texts in the database. This further leads to building secure apps. 

Migration of the databases 

With Laravel, easy database migration is possible without needing to re-create it every time a new change is made. This feature helps to secure the data from any kind of loss. 


Housing many rich Libraries, the Laravel framework is astonishingly big. Laravel is divided into a number of different libraries and adopts modern PHP principles. This allows the Laravel development company to develop more responsive, modular, and complex web apps. 

What are the benefits of developing enterprise apps with Laravel? Let’s see! 

After analyzing the Laravel features above, we would zero in on the benefits of developing an enterprise-level with the Laravel framework. So, let’s start without any further ado. 

Simple coding 

Laravel development is synonym with easy coding. Simple coding reduces the time taken to write complex codes by giving clear instructions at different stages of app development. Developers can write optimized code and develop enterprise apps faster than usual with less amount of complexity involved. 

Simple coding also enables even beginner developers to understand the code easily and write excellent code to develop robust enterprise apps. 

Rich development ecosystem 

Laravel framework has a rich development ecosystem that enables adding multiple functionalities. These functionalities include sharing photos, managing important notes in a software development application, creating new products, or modifying the existing products to meet the changing demands.

All these great functions of Laravel are beneficial to enterprise apps as they amplify their multiple operational capabilities and simplify the overall development. 

Supportive community 

Laravel is one of the most popular and sought-after PHP frameworks, and thus, it’s obvious that a supportive Laravel community has got its back. The community helps in solving any problems or technical issues that arise and simplifies the Laravel app development significantly. 

With the community’s support and assistance, updating, modifying, and reinventing the existing web application is simplified as well. Thus, the bottom line is, with the community’s support, building enterprise apps with Laravel is a sought-after option. 

Rich Laravel libraries 

Laravel has in store around 20 libraries. These libraries provide a user-friendly experience and help incorporate responsiveness to Laravel enterprise apps. Additionally, numerous unique modules are available to facilitate the development of feature-rich enterprise applications.

One more compelling benefit of using Laravel libraries for enterprise apps is that these libraries are supported by auto-completes which isn’t available in other PHP frameworks. 

Develop compelling enterprise apps with Laravel development now. 

If you run a large-size or enterprise level business, developing an enterprise app might be a breakthrough for your organization. To begin with seamless enterprise app development, choosing the right PHP framework is a must. And, which PHP framework can do more justice than Laravel? From the discussion above, we understood the promising features and benefits of using Laravel for enterprise apps in detail. 

Thus, we come to the conclusion that Laravel might be the framework you are looking for to develop an enterprise app with top-notch functionality. We also understand that with its many features and functions, the future of Laravel is going to be very demanding for building enterprise apps.

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