Things you must not hide from your divorce lawyer

Divorce is a sensitive matter and can bring up various kinds of emotions within the spouse and their families like anger, sadness, grief, frustration, resentment, etc. These emotions are stirred as sensitive and personal details are at play here. Such confusing emotions can often push people to withhold important information from their divorce lawyer. In some cases, one of the spouses might withhold information like an affair, to avoid facing the negative consequences of the divorce. However, it is not right to keep your lawyer in the dark as it will only damage your case in the future. Wish to learn more? Read on. 

Things you must not hide from your divorce lawyer:-

Financial situation: A divorce is a costly affair. If you are at a financial disadvantage in the divorce, you might try to hide this from your lawyer thinking that the lawyer might not represent you. However, this is not right. Your lawyer can always fix a pay arrangement with you that suits you. Also, letting your attorney know everything about your financial position will help him strategize the case in a manner that will help you get the necessary spousal support and child support from your spouse. 

Extramarital affair: If you are having an affair, you certainly do not want your spouse to know about it. However, during the divorce process, this information should not be hidden from your lawyer. Such information will definitely come out in the divorce process through investigation by your spouse’s lawyer. If such information comes out in the later stage then it will put you and your lawyer at a distinct disadvantage. 

Domestic abuse: Domestic abuse victims are often terrified to disclose the abuse they face. You should not hide this from your lawyer. Telling your lawyer about it in the beginning, will help them obtain a restraining order for your abusive spouse and guide you towards a safe place like a shelter, or other organizations that can provide you support. 

Hidden assets or debts: Never hide your financial assets, property, or debts as they will be recovered in the process of discovery when the divorce case investigation begins. This will destroy your credibility in the eyes of the court and might hamper your case. 

Never hide crucial information regarding money, assets, debts, an affair, or things like that from your lawyer. It will surely come out one day in the process of discovery. The other spouse’s lawyer can use various options like depositions and financial investigations to find out such hidden information. If such information is found out by them then it will only lead to negative consequences for you. Therefore, be as forthcoming with your divorce lawyer as you can. 

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