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Things You Need to Know about Bonhay House, the Student Accommodation in Exeter


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Exeter is a favorite destination of a number of students for higher education. It is an ancient city situated on the banks of River Exe. It dates back to the Roman Era. Therefore, the city comprises a wide range of historical landmarks, and a number of history lovers arrive here for sightseeing. In addition to this, visitors can find here a wide range of cultural destinations, sports, and religious monuments.
When you shift to Exeter as a student, then you get a sufficient time to visit all this. This is one of the reasons why a number of students who like sightseeing prefer to visit this place.
In addition to this, high-class university education can also be witnessed in this place. Due to all these reasons, a great rush can be seen in the places of student accommodation Exeter.
A wide range of accommodations for students are available in Exeter, where the students can spend their year of study. These places of accommodations offer everything according to the needs of the students of today.
One of the perfect properties that students can get on rent is Bonhay House. It is within 20 minutes of walking distance from the University of Exeter. It offers two types of accommodations, which are studios and ensuite rooms. Besides, it encompasses a variety of amenities to facilitate comfortable living for the students.
Here are some of the things you need to know about Bonhay House.

Bonhay House Is Perfect for Study Purposes

You have come here for university education, so the major aspect you need is the study environment. Since it is student accommodation, your fellow residents will also be the students. Moreover, the studios available here have the dual occupancy feature. So, you can also live with a fellow student. Therefore, you find a good study environment in the entire property.
In addition to them, a study space with a study table and chair is also provided to the students, which adds more to this environment.

Residents Get Storage Spaces for Different Assets

In their accommodations as well as in the property, the residents find the storage spaces for keeping different small and big assets. For instance, there is a wardrobe in each studio and ensuite room, where one can keep his or her clothes organized.
On the other hand, there is also a bicycle storage space at the property. So, if you are a bicycle ride lover then you can keep your bicycle safely in the storage space of the property.

Full Arrangement for Cooking Is Available in Kitchens

In your ensuite or studio, you find a fully-equipped kitchen with a complete arrangement of cooking. There is a cooking hob, microwave, and oven for cooking and heating the food and eatables.
Students Can Get Help in Studying and Have Loads of Fun with the Internet
Internet is a source of study as well as great fun in the present scenario. Students can download study lessons, attend online classes, get online video lessons, complete their projects & assignments, and can do a lot more through the internet.
On the other hand, the internet has become a great source of entertainment. One can watch different entertainment videos, listen to music, watch movies on OTT platforms, and so on with the help of the internet.
The internet is also a great source of communication due to the presence of real-time apps like WhatsApp.
So, the Wi-Fi internet connection has been provided to the students in the property to facilitate them connect the internet to their smartphones, laptops, and Smart TVs. This facility is paid in this place of accommodation.

Heating Arrangement Is Available for Winter

Heating arrangements are needed in the winter in cold nations like the United Kingdom. So, the paid facility of heating is also available inside rooms and studios.
Students Can Have Fun in the Communal Events
From time to time, a variety of communal events are organized in this property in which the students can have loads of fun with other residents. These communal events also give an opportunity to the students to build a good social circle.

Bonhay Comprises Good Security Features along with Insurance

In Bonhay House, CCTV cameras are installed on each side of the property. So, any activity that is suspicious or unwanted can be detected here easily. Moreover, for assuring the security of students’ assets, secure door entry is also provided here.
For compensating the loss of the assets of the residents, contents insurance is provided to them.

Final Thoughts

It is hoped that the above-mentioned aspects of Bonhay House will help you to consider it as your place of student accommodation if you are going to study at a university in Exeter.
You can book an ensuite room or a studio here easily through the online options. The websites of student accommodation service providers offer you the best way of online booking.

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