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Tips to Detect Termite Infestation in the House

Termites are one of the most feared pests in the whole world. They are known for eating the wooden structure from within. It is very hard to determine the termite attack and until you come to know what is happening, it gets too late. The building can get affected by the termites due to the poor quality of wood, bad location, design of the property, or the termite infestation in the soil.

Termite infestation can make things serious for you and very soon the house of your dreams can turn into a nightmare. Only if you can make out the signs of termite infestation in the early stage is there a chance for you to get out of it unscathed. Here are a few tips to help you detect the signs of a serious infestation. Taking action early can help you get rid of the termite infestation effectively within no time. Check them out.

Signs of Termite Infestation in the House

Wood Damage

One thing that you must expect of the termite infestation is severe damage to the wood. At first, it may be hard for one to make out the extent of damage the termite infestation causes to your house. It is by hard luck that you come across the evidence for the infestation. The first thing that you notice in case of termite infestation is damaged wooden structures. When you find that, look carefully for the minute cluster of holes. As these proceed, you can notice wood dust in that area.

This is just the beginning and in no time, you will notice the top layer of the wooden peeling off. It can become hard to predict the origin of these infestations as they spread widely within the structure first before coming out in the open.

Mud tubes

Are you seeing weird-looking mud tubes around the house? These are one of the most prominent signs of termite infestation. These weird structures can be seen spreading inside as well outside the house, which is the clear indicator for the termite infestation flourishing somewhere nearby. You can clean them or break them regularly but that doesn’t mean that you are done with them. If you are seeing these structures on the wall, then that means they spread widely within the walls.

Termites are secretive in nature and they only come out accidentally or when they don’t have anywhere to turn to. They may spread out in the walls and on getting a slight chance they jump onto the furniture and doors made of wood. If you come across such mud tubes, call the pest control services immediately. One thing that you must understand is that no amount of DIY ideas can save your house if the termites have made their house on your property. It can be only eradicated by the pesticides specially designed for this purpose.

Tight Wooden Doors and Windows

It must have happened to you that sometimes windows and door frames start getting stuck. Especially the wooden ones. This mainly happens during the monsoon season. It can be the moisture causing the material to swell up, but mostly it is due to the termite infestation too. The termites spread in the wooden structure and if your door and windows are made of wood, then one must take proper care to protect them from termite infestation.

As termites start infecting the door from the down, so it will be best to run a thorough check-up of such structures carefully from time to time. Look out for the hollowness, mud tunes, small holes, or the wooden layers coming off. For a thorough inspection or in case of slightest of doubts you should bring an expert.

Termite Mounds

If there is termite infestation in the house, then without delay you will notice mounds of clay on the walls. As there are several species and subspecies of termites around us, it is hard to differentiate them based on their preferences and looks. Instead of going after any specific types, it will be best to focus on the species that infects the house.

The most common species live underground and focus on building huge colonies in the wooden structure. They live in such structures and later when they outgrow the space, these pests go on to make mounds on concrete walls as well. Finding a termite mound indicates that your house is in grave danger. If you are seeing only a small mound, then don’t be fooled. There might be vast networks of tunnels within the structure. Take out time to track them out.

Termite Swarms

When the termite infestation starts growing uncontrollably, the termite swarms become visible. This phenomenon usually happens during the warm and humid evenings, when swarms of termites appear in a specific location. This is marked as an end of the monsoon and in that time, you can see large-winged queen termites lead others to the new colony.

These swarms of termites are localized and when one or two of them go astray they land long away from home. If you ever find swarms of termites anywhere near the house, then you must not have any doubts about the existence of the termite colony. As soon as you notice one, get the pest control services to help you take them off.

Sometimes the swarms can be that of flying ants. To clear your doubts, you should bring in the expertise of a professional pest exterminator. Making a wrong assumption can foil your pest management plans. Moreover, it is not possible for a layman to deal with the pest infestation at such a level effectively. For this, you will need the assistance of a professional pest control company in Ghaziabad.


Termites are very hideous creatures. Their presence in the house is often detected very late. It is for this reason that people keep safeguarding their houses with preventive methods. You can contact the professional pest control services in Ghaziabad to clear your doubts related to termite infestation. Bring in a team of experts for the inspection today and protect your house from any termite attacks.

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