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Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2022

amazon ppc strategy 2022

Whatever your Amazon sales are you can always make them more effective. This is why I have made a list of the best tips for increasing your Amazon sales by 2022. Use the suggestions below for your Amazon sales strategy and discover how many effects they could make.

1. Make use of the top SEO keywords

It’s more than having the right items at the right price to create Amazon sales. Sellers also require visibility and traffic to their sites, otherwise, customers aren’t aware of how fantastic their offers are.

Before you begin to think about the development of new marketing and PPC campaigns, you’ll determine the most effective SEO keywords for your products.

SEO keywords are crucial for putting your products in the correct search results and directly affect the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. succeed.

To determine the best SEO-related keywords, utilize SellerApp’s Amazon SEO tool for free to find out what your prospective customers are looking for. In the alternative, you can try troubleshooting probable keywords by typing them directly in the search bar on Amazon and then see what results appear.

Remember that selecting the most relevant SEO keywords isn’t just about popularity, it’s also about the competition. You need to find a balance between high-volume searches and competitors with lower volumes.

2. Make sure you use top-quality images

Many sellers use professionals to handle professional Amazon photoshoots of their products. The reason is how well your photos directly impact sales, as evidenced by these numbers by Efelle Creative:

To increase Amazon sales in 2022, you’ll require high-quality photography of your products. If you’re not looking to pay a professional photographer, however, you can still capture photographs of high quality at home.

3. Enhance PPC campaigns

Although investing money in offline advertising is a great option, don’t forget about your marketing on Amazon itself. Amazon PPC campaigns remain one of the most effective ways to get people to your website’s product pages and to increase Amazon sales.

The performance in your PPC campaigns is largely dependent upon the SEO terms you’re targeting as we’ve discussed above. You should build the campaigns around keywords that have low competition and low bids to stretch your budget to the maximum.

Amazon PPC campaigns are also an effective way to boost the launch of new products. Because Amazon takes into account the sales performance of a product in its algorithm for search providing a brand new product with an advertising boost right immediately will increase its visibility in the future.

Even with a top-quality product and excellent description, you require specific Amazon PPC campaign strategies to get the most value from your advertising campaigns.

4. Research better products

On a fundamental level what you choose to sell will affect the extent of your Amazon performance before you start. Instead of just launching with a new item it is better to conduct extensive research into the top products to market.

The process of researching products involves studying trends in sales and knowing the customers you want to attract. 

It is also important to consider sourcing costs as well as prices in the market to determine whether you can justifiably justify a profitable markup.

5. Curb negative reviews

Amazon’s search algorithms reward sellers who have excellent reviews and penalize sellers who have poor reviews. If you wish for your product page to show up in more search results and recommendations ensure that reviews are all to your advantage.

Resolving negative reviews usually means great customer service and working with those who left you an unfavorable review.

If you’re registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you’re permitted to engage with reviewers through an email that is templated. If you’re not, the best option is to erase negative reviews by getting an increase in positive reviews.

6. Create a product video

Photography for products has limitations and a photograph can only display the product from a static perspective. The video however allows you to show the product in motion which has a myriad of advantages:

The more a buyer can see the product working, the more likely they’ll be to buy. Videos of products can also discourage customers from returning if they see the process before they purchase, they are more likely not to end up dissatisfied when delivery is made.

7. Utilize A+ Content

At one time, Amazon A+ content used to be called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Although its name changed the majority of the benefits still exist that sellers have access to more content options to market their merchandise than regular sellers could. This includes image carousels, unique layouts for pages, comparison charts as well as hyperlinks to other items.

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