Tips To Write Product Descriptions For Conversions

Nowadays, anyone can start an online business. However, your plan for determining the tone of your product description in your eCommerce website may be what separates a great website from a poor one. (product features)

The product description, often known as marketing copy, is one of the first few things your buyers see.

Do you want to learn how to write a compelling product description? We can look at some techniques to write killer product descriptions that sell in this section.

1. Get to know your customer(product features)

Customers want to feel like you’re communicating directly to them. Knowing who your ideal buyer is will help you generate relatable content. The tone and cadence of your copywriting will be determined by knowing who your audience is.

Take, for example, Net-a-Porter. It is a well-known premium retailer that sells designer clothing to ladies. Their copywriters would picture speaking to a trendy woman who is sophisticated, affluent, and wants to stand out as a master of their own stories.

The runway show for Cecilie Bahnsen’s Spring ’20 collection was held on a long pier outside Copenhagen’s Teglholmen harbour — we love how the voluminous shapes captured the mild breeze off the water, emphasizing the graceful movement and romantic sense of each piece. This ‘Ammi’ dress features a wrap bodice, puffed sleeves, and a tiered skirt with a ruffled hem made of pastel-pink cloqué. With a loose ponytail, show off the skin-baring open back.

Porter captures the feminine imagination with adjectives like “soft” and “romantic.” Furthermore, describing the apparel’s beauty with precise terms demonstrates a trendy customer’s understanding. It gives her the impression that she is buying something handcrafted and expensive.

Always remember who you’re talking to and use lingo that’s appropriate for them.

2. Describe what your audience will receive in exchange.(product features)

The physical aspects of your product are referred to as features. A benefit explains why you should buy the product and answers the customer’s inquiry, “What’s in it for me?” Consider how your product improves your buyer’s life or experience, then write it down.

Consumers don’t buy items; they buy product benefits, according to David Ogilvy.

The Grypmat, a silicone tray that adheres to any surface, is one of Shark Tank’s most profitable inventions to date. Consider how it is sold:

The Grypmat’s insane grip is perhaps its most distinguishing feature. Its special chemistry allows it to cling to any surface without sliding or dropping, while still allowing for easy placement and removal.

Surface Protection: The Grypmat protects your gorgeous paint job from scratches and dings.

Accessibility of tools: Any tool, at any time, in any location. Because the Grypmat is so adaptable, you can keep your tools just where you need them.

3. Describe a positive experience(product features)

Every customer wants to see themselves using a product. Your product description might create a scene for your buyer by appealing to their vivid imagination.

You might, for example, be selling a glass water dispenser. Make an occasion out of it.

The ABC Glass Water Dispenser is a must-have for every celebration. This see-through product will assist satiate the thirst of every guest at home, whether it’s soda, punch, or even a delicious cocktail, while allowing you to prepare for the next refill.

You can guess that a customer looking at water dispensers enjoys hosting guests at his home. You want to assist him in visualizing a nice event where he can use your water dispenser. It is more likely that your product will sell if you associate positive experiences and feelings with it through your copywriting.

4. Indicators should be bullet points.

Bullet points that emphasize essential characteristics and benefits of your product are the most effective product descriptions. Bullet points make your material skimmable, allowing a busy person to quickly grasp what your article is about.

5. Deliver it with zeal

Demonstrate how unique your product is. Use adjectives or superlatives to persuade your buyer that your product is excellent. Take a look at some of Apple’s iPad product descriptions:

“It’s a stunning glass item.”

“Not only is the edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display beautiful and immersive, but it also has highly advanced technologies.”

“This combination of features makes it the world’s most advanced mobile display,” says the company.

Apple undoubtedly believes in its products and their greatness. You must also demonstrate it in your copywriting. If your product is the best at anything, don’t be afraid to say so.

To summarize, successful product descriptions include knowing your customer, stating benefits, outlining positive experiences, using bullet points, and delivering passion. Make a positive impression on your customers, and they will return.

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