Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu Masters

Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu Masters

In the past in Chinese film and television, there are a lot of famous martial arts actors who not only excel in acting abilities but also possess a solid grounding in martial art. The public can truly marvel and appreciate the beauty that is Chinese martial arts such as kung fu through their amazing work. You can easily get chinese names ideas using a chinese name generator.

Here is the list of top 10 Chinese Kung Fu stars ranking for your reference only.

Kung Fu stars

1. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, a great master of Chinese martial arts is also a well-known and influential actor in action movies both in his home country and overseas. As the pioneer of action films, Bruce Lee disseminated Chinese Kung Fu all over the world. Bruce Lee is the first Chinese who went to Hollywood to promote the advancement of martial arts and action films.

Bruce Lee’s Movies: Game of Death, The Way of the Dragon, Fist Of Fury, Enter the Dragon, and Fists of Glory.

2. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is an outstanding martial artist renowned throughout the globe, and whose films are enjoyed by fans of all age groups. His incredible action, superb driving skills, and distinctive humor are awe-inspiring to people of all ages. A lot of Jackie Chan’s films can be considered to be the top-grossing films in Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan Movies: Drunken Fist, Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour, Police Story The Young Master, Project A, Armour of God, City Hunter, Who am I, The Accidental Spy, Around the World in 80 Days, The Karate Kid.

3. Jet Li

Jet Lee has appeared as an innocent chivalrous nobleman in numerous films. And Jet Lee won the best actor award at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards and received his first You Bring Charm to the World Award.

Jet Lee’s Movies: The Shaolin Temple, Hero, Black Mask, Fist of Legend, The Defender, The Tai Chi Master, The Kung Fu Cult Master, Dragon Fight, Swordsman II, Dragons of the Orient.

4. Bruce Leung

Bruce Leung can be ranked as one of the most well-known as well as influential Kung Fu stars of the eighties. Since 1973, he’s appeared in over 70 action films and TV shows.

Television and Films that are representative: Chen Zhen, Blow-Up, Kung Fu Kids Break Away, Story Of Drunken Master, Shaolin Fighters, Big Boss.

5. Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen, who was born into a martial arts-focused family is the hero of many young people due to his incredible Kung Fu and good shape. He is a generalist in martial arts who can eat Chinese as well as a western-style martial art. Donnie Yen has given perfect performances in a variety of Kung Fu movies for both his Kung Fu and outstanding acting abilities.

Donnie Yen’s Movies: Hero, Tiger Cage II, Iron Monkey, IP Man 1, IP Man 2 S.P.L., Legend of the Wolf.

6. Chiu Man-Cheuk

Man Cheuk Chiu is a fashionable man with a sturdy body who is well-known both in his home country and internationally for his top-of-the-line Kung Fu and hearty personality. Man Cheuk Chiu has a great command of the spear, sword as well as Chinese boxing. He’s extremely proficient with more than 300 different fists, including shadow boxing. 

He was the winner of an international championship in martial arts in 1991. He has been working as an actor since 1992 and has given amazing scenes in Kung Fu films and television shows. Man Cheuk Chiu was nominated for the top actor in the Golden Rooster Awards for his Sino-Dutch War 1661, and his film True Legend got the best Asian action film award.

Representative Movies: Once Upon a Time in China 4, Once Upon a Time in China 5, The Blacksheep Affair, Sino-Dutch War 1661, True Legend, Green Snake.

7. Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is an international female action actress who is famous both in the United States and internationally. She has appeared in a variety of popular films, starring as an actress who plays a female knight, and demonstrating how to perform real Chinese Kung Fu. Her attractiveness, acting abilities, and skillful Kung Fu impress people a large amount.

Television and Films that are representative: Butterfly & Sword, The Heroic Trio, Essay Money, Holy Weapon, Reign of Assassins, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

8. Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung is a humorous actor in action films He has given amazing performances in a variety of Kung fu comedy films. Apart from acting, Sammo Hung has succeeded in his work as a director of martial arts and director. He has won the Best Actor in a Leading Role Award at Hong Kong Film Awards and in Asia Pacific Film Festival. Sammo Hung has cooperated with Jackie Chan in many films and has given excellent performances.

Representative Movies: Wheels on Meals, Dragon Forever, Project A, Millionaire’s Express, Eastern Condors.

9. Ha Ling Chun

Ha Ling Chun, an action actor from Hong Kong, began to perform in television and films in the year 10. He has been the host of a variety of famous and excellent films and television programs, among which, he collaborated together with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Ha Ling Chun won the award for the most effective Martial arts instruction during Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards.

Representative TV and Movies: Enter the Dragon, Hand of Death, Game of Death, Enter the Fat Dragon, Knockabout, The Young Master, Project A, Wheels of Meals, Once Upon a Time in China, A Man Called a Hero, Dragon from Shaolin.

10. Jason Wu

Jason Wu hailed as a Kung Fu boy, began acting in television and films in 1995. He began to learn to exercise Kung Fu in a sports school in Beijing when he was just six years old. He was the winner of an annual national martial arts contest. Jason Wu has acted in several television shows as well as in some action films, presenting skilled Kung Fu and impressing audiences many times.

Jason Wu’s TV and Movies: Tai Chi Master, S.P.L., Seung Chi Sun Tau

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