Top 15 Things to Consider When Design and Develop a Website

Designing and developing a website is always challenging. A website must be attractive, user-friendly, responsive, and easily navigable to draw customers. But, it is not the end of the list, either. The professional web designing agencies design and develop a website that produces websites that engage customers, enhance ROI, and ultimately generate quality leads. Implementing important features onto a website matters. 

Majority of the business owners know the risk factors of web development tasks. Also, there are many examples of companies that build a website only for the end product but it didn’t work as desired. Or it doesn’t match with the company vision. 

So, how to avoid such underwhelming situations? What are the tips that bring success to your company? We have done a thorough research on the trends that are followed by high performing websites that separate them from the worst. Here are the top 15 features to consider while designing and developing a website. 

Top 15 Things to Consider When Design and Develop a Website

1. Getting a Domain name and Host

Choosing a domain name and Host matters. A domain name is something that must reflect the brand voice accurately. In addition, a domain name must be easy to spell; else, there is a chance of being directed to other sites. Selecting your business brand name is very important because combining search engine optimization, brand identity and spelling into the platform name paves the way for being shown in search engine results. To be clearer, those brands which are easily accessible get more traffic to the site. If you choose a professional web development agency, they will consider the website’s nature and business before choosing a domain name. Hence, the first step to your business success is done.  

2. Attractive design

Do you want to design and develop a website? Then, consider developing an attractive, clean and appealing website. The quality design with easy navigation attracts thousands of visitors. A clean and appealing website helps visitors know more about your brand through quality content and graphics. The visitors see the product quality of your brand through the attractiveness and responsiveness of your website. Therefore, a clean website has much more to do with your return on investment. 

3. Good colour selection

An attractive colour for the website is really important. Each colour is connected to different emotions like happiness, sadness, anger etc. So, when you design and develop a website, it is important to consider a colour that goes with your business, branding, audience etc. The colour scheme must be matching with the logo colour. It must be professional and bright. Your visitors will be attracted and impressed with your website if you research and find the best colour options. 

4. Content Management System

Backend processes are expected to be properly maintained for a website to function properly. The visitor notices the attractive colour, user experience in navigation and many more while checking the website for the first time. If your website doesn’t have a strong backend, it may affect the user’s impression. Thus Content Management System is really important for your ecommerce sites and informational sites.  

5. Website functionality

The functionality of a website is really important when you approach professional web design services. The website must be functional without any broken links or loading problems. In addition, the security features must be proper for your business requirements. Besides these features, it is important to check the website functionality from the user’s view. Check if surveys, contact forms and feedback areas of the website are proper and work correctly. If one of these functions is not proper, there is a chance of leaving the website by the customer. 

6. Navigation through the website

If your business website is not easily navigable and is facing issues navigating properly, it is for sure that the customers will never come back. Before you design and develop your website, it is suggested that you perform an in-depth analysis of your site as a new user. Keep a note of how it works, what is important and whatnot. One of the ways to improve the traffic is to make the website easily navigable by adding a site map. Avoiding underperforming pages helps reduce the loading time and improves the brand quality.

7. Quality blogs

Quality contents are a must for a website to maintain a good impression among the customers. Likewise, blogs on-site help keep an update on the latest services, products, company news and everything related to the industry. It is where you get a chance to interact with the customers of your brand. Update the blog section regularly and let your customers be informed about your brand value. By regularly updating quality, fresh and engaging content on the site, customers treat your brand as a trusted source. 

8. Responsive designs

Latest reports say that mobile users have increased drastically in the past 5 years. More than 85% of users rely on mobile devices to browse products or services. So, what needs to be done from your end to improve the user experience? It’s nothing but you must make sure that your business website is accessed easily from any website. For a large business with an appealing online presence, developing a mobile-friendly website that performs on any gadget is advisable. A professional web development agency helps build a responsive website that improves site visibility and draws immense traffic to the site. 

9. The loading time of the website

The slow loading times are one of the signs that your website will not work as you desire. Users get easily irritated if the loading time is too slow, and they will never return to the site. Analyze your website and fix the loading time issues before the website launch. Even after launch, check the site periodically to enhance customer retention. Fast loading of the pages provides the customer with the right information they want. 

10. Compatible with various browsers

As mentioned above, the number of internet users is growing each day steadily. The internet world has started with internet explorer, then Chrome and now Firefox. The transformation is good, but it is very tough to keep it all. When you design and develop a website, it is very important to check if the site is compatible with various browsers. Your business website must load on multiple browsers, even in old versions. If you fail to check the compatibility, you may fail a large customer base which will be bad for your business growth. 

11. Social media accessibility

Social media accessibility is no more a choice, but it is a requirement. For example, sharing company news or other information is quite convenient through your website. But if your business lacks social media integration, there is a chance for the users to think about the business reliability. Also, social media is a platform for the customers to speak about your brand and provide reviews. You can easily provide visual content, and product images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc., by simply adding accessibility to your website. 

12. Customer reviews 

It’s been known that Google’s algorithm has changed in the past few years, and there is great importance in the local search results. Reviews posted on Google and Yelp may affect the generation of leads in a business. Whenever a person searches for a product or service, the review brings them to the first page of the results page. Brand credibility increases when you get reviews for your business on a third party website. Make sure you create a business profile on search engines for the customers to leave reviews about your services or products. 

13. SEO friendly code

One of the important features of developing a website or optimizing the existing website is to have a clear SEO friendly code. The improvement of the site SEO code ensures a good ROI for your business. The code conveys a clear picture of the website’s content. Some of the CMS have plugins for code cleaning and enhancing the ranking on search engines. 

14. Images on website

Whatever you use on your website comes under copyright laws and is regarded as intellectual property. Getty images are the right choice if you want to use images on your website as they are the leading supplier of stock images. The images are used only with permission. Else may end up paying fines. Using the images on the website must have written permission. Various websites offer copyright-free pictures too. But make sure to use the images before using them on the website. Some companies use images without permission as they are not ready to pay the fees. But it’s just an immediate benefit only. 

15. CTA button

The CTA button or Call To Action button motivates the customers to contact you. When designing and developing a website, try to use friendly suggestions like “Get in touch with us today” instead of ordering like statements. Friendly statements show that you like to have a good relationship with them. If customers come to know about your business, you can suggest that they subscribe to the company newsletter. For existing customers, invite them to the loyalty rewards program. It is better to add a CTA button on each page instead of asking them to do it on your website. 


Designing and developing a website has to consider many more features as you speak everything about your brand through the website. You aim to draw visitors’ attention to your website and generate leads. Thus your site’s design, colour usage, navigation, engaging content, SEO code, CTA and much more are important. Next time, when you design the website, try to implement the things mentioned above to ensure business success. Keeping these into consideration increases the chances of a website that meets the business objectives.

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