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Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Studying Abroad in The UK

Studying in the UK seems simple, but don’t let English-speaking universities fool you. It’s a totally different country. You’ll need to learn new vocabulary, shorten opening times, use foreign practices, and how the grading system works. Although they might speak English in the UK it’s not American.

Many students experience culture shock more when they study abroad in countries that are not in their expectations. Students studying in the United States and other UK countries often have false expectations. There’s more to a country than its language.

Studying in England is a smart choice, with its rich history and culture surrounding academics.

Here are some tips to help you get to university in the UK before you pack your umbrella and go on a trip to try real pot pie.

There are three great advantages to studying in the UK

  • The academic depth. Students in undergrad are exposed to topics and lectures that are not common at home. Class expectations are high.
  • The past. Every town, every hill has a unique artifact.
  • A wide range of cultures, languages and food. You can find any ethnicity in the UK. It is also top-notch!

There are three bad reasons to go to university in the UK

  • “I chose England to learn foreign languages!” – This sounds like a great reason for you to choose another destination. The language differences are also overlooked. Would you be able to find my jacket if I told you to take it out of the boots?
  • “I chose Scotland because it does not feel like the rest of Europe!” – Do you like doing such activities as bog snorkeling and cheese rolling? How about gurning. You’re right. You can also try another delicious croissant .
  • “The UK was the best choice for me to study due to the ease of the English language and culture!” – Have we mentioned how good the academics are at UK universities? English students take schooling seriously and are very competitive. It’s important to understand the new grading system. If you score 65 on your next assignment you should celebrate.

Prepare to be shocked if you thought culture shock wouldn’t occur in England without a language barrier.

Three scholarships for U.S. students in the UK

  • The Saltire Scholarship, one of many UK scholarships available to American students at all levels, is one of the many UK scholarships.
  • EuraxESSis an initiative by the British Council to increase international student enrollments at UK universities.
  • Education UK provides tons of useful and up-to-date information on scholarships available for U.S. citizens studying in the UK.

Three Amazing Surprises for International Students in Britain

  • These classes are more difficult because you will need to learn by yourself and pass a semester of exams/papers. American students who have grown up with being graded and turned in work throughout the academic calendar may find this difficult. You’ll be more comfortable understanding the academic system if you connect with UK peers and participate in group study sessions.
  • I was not expecting a completely different culture. You might be shocked at how diverse the culture is. There might be more similarities between your family and the New Zealanders or Costa Ricans than there is with Great Britain.
  • It’s like my grandmother’s Sunday dinner. Things are a bit bland. Traditional English cooking doesn’t use spices very often, so it isn’t a very healthy choice.

The UK will surprise you with all it has to offer, and you’ll get a whole new perspective.

Three UK Program Providers Are Doing It Right

  • IES Abroad – London – Learn more about the UK during this summer program to study abroad in London.
  • AIFS – British Fantasy Fiction transports students to and from abroad through the pages, characters (and settings! Popular novels by J.K. Rowling, Shakespeare, etc.
  • CISAbroad – The British Isles. Ireland, Scotland and England have never been more beautiful (or more sunny!) This popular summer program is a great way to study abroad.

These are three things you will love after studying abroad in the UK

  • Futbol. Football is the most loved of all sports and is played in more than 250 million countries. There are more than 40,000 clubs in England, so it’s easy to find a team or match to watch.
  • Curry. You’ll find many different curry dishes throughout the UK. Try new dishes and different spices every now and then to expand your culinary repertoire.
  • British Comedy. Brits are known for their dry, biting humour or “humour”. Although it might take some time to get used to, you will soon be laughing (or giggling behind a gloved arm) on the floor.

Don’t forget that England is more than just London– try and branch out!

These are Three Things You Will Not Understand Even After Studying in the UK

  • The Royals. It’s not surprising that the British Monarchy has been ingrained in British culture for hundreds of years. Even though the Monarch’s political power is less than in years past, there are still strong ties between The Royals and the British people. Take a look at the number of people who tuned in to the Royal Wedding between Prince William (and Kate Middleton) (who, , did a gap year, and went abroad). It’s hard to say that people didn’t want to be involved.
  • What Nice Brits Are and How Mean Their Media Is. Although it’s difficult to explain why the British press is so “mean,” perhaps it can be attributed to their dense market. There is an intense competition for readers with so many tabloids and newspapers. The vicious circle of British media is well-known for its coverage of celebrity gossip and hard news.
  • Mash with Mushy Peas. This classic English dish is available in pubs across England. Although it may seem difficult to comprehend the combination of onion gravy, sausages, mashed potatoes and sausages, it is still very popular.

Three Subjects That You Can Study in the UK

  • Literature Can you spell Charles Dickens and Jane Austen three times as fast? !
  • The unique programs available will delight marketing and business majors.
  • Theatre Dabble with the arts like never before

But really, you’ll never tire of London.

These are three things to remember for American students studying in the UK

  • Be responsible for your drinking. This is part of British culture. There are also students who drink and “chunder”. Most people only have a few pints and don’t intend to consume a hundred shots. However, alcohol culture is very prevalent in English society. It’s important that you set your own limits.
  • Prepare to discuss politics and be mentally prepared for the possibility that you will be responsible for Iraq or the global economy. Don’t be afraid to smile if you don’t have much to say.
  • Your accent sounds a bit like a cartoon voice to a Brit. Embrace it! You sound silly to them, just as they do to you.

As you can see the differences between the universities of the UK and the United States can be as significant as the similarities. This should not be a reason to go abroad, since cultural expansion and daily learning are the ultimate goals of any educational venture abroad. Soon enough you will be so used to an afternoon tea that returning home will be one huge reverse culture shock.

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