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Top 5 souvenirs to buy from Jaipur

When you plan a trip to Jaipur don’t forget these top 5 things to buy from Jaipur as a souvenir. They are amazing pieces to carry back home. Jaipur happens to be the most popular tourist destination. It is a princely city of Rajasthan which offers classic attractions. The richness of its heritage can be clearly seen not only in its attractions but also in its handicraft items that are among the best things to buy from Jaipur. The handicraft items of Jaipur are themselves a piece of quintessential beauty to carry as a souvenir. The city provides you with the best shopping experience. Right from the rare antique articles to intricately carved items the market of Jaipur is the complete package of wonderful shopping.

Let us know the top 5 things to buy from Jaipur as a souvenir when you are on a Jaipur trip.

Top 5 must-buys from Jaipur

Don’t forget to enjoy shopping, a mandatory part of your Jaipur trip.  You will cone across several items that will make you go snd buy them without a second thought. Here are 5 must-buys.

Camel Leather Items

Jaipur is famous for its fine camel leather items such as footwear, bags, wallets, photo frames etc. These leather products are valuable for their craftsmanship. Among all the products the Mojaris Juttis of Rajasthan with exquisite embroidery form the speciality of leather handicrafts.

Jaipur fabrics

Jaipur fabrics like bandhani, leheriya, hand block printed fabrics are the products that are famous all over the world. Its bright-coloured tie-dye, hand-woven designs, mirror work embroideries are matchless. These fabrics stand apart from all other textiles and lure everyone making them buy one for sure.

Jaipur Carpets

The carpets and rugs of Jaipur are the identities of the region. Its cotton and silk rugs are well-known for the finest quality stuff. These carpets are generally hand-knotted woollen made from camel hair and have a great resemblance with the Persian carpets.

Jaipur Gems and jewellery

Jaipur is renowned for its precious gems, stones and exclusive designer jewellery. The traditional jewellery of Jaipur attracts everyone. Kundan work (precious stones set in gold), Minakari work (colourful enamel work on gold), Lacquered bangles are some of the specialities of the city. Apart from this glittering silver jewellery and items like rakhri, gokhru, timamyan, bala, bajuband, etc. are must-buys.

Blue Pottery

While exploring the handicraft specialities, one cannot ignore the matchless and extraordinary blue pottery of Jaipur. This dynamic craft tradition derived from Persian art reflects the true culture and royal splendour of Jaipur. It is pottery made from quartz and not from clay. The eye-catching designs and motifs will surely impress you.

Jaipur razai

The feather-soft and feather-light Jaipuri razai are simply unique and rare both for their artisanry and for their functionality. Though they look delicate, they carry amazing warmth as in earlier times Shepherds, traders, soldiers warriors and others used to carry these quilts while travelling by camel caravan to keep them warm in the cold desert nights. 

The shopping in Jaipur will brighten your eyes with its colourful, vibrant and precious items. There are several other items like marble and stone handicrafts, wooden articles and traditional paintings that are worth buying. The best markets for your shopping expedition in Jaipur include Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazar and Chaura Rasta near MI Road. You will definitely find so many articles that reflect the true spirit of Rajasthani traditions.

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