Top Bollywood Casino Movies You Need to Watch

Since gambling is not allowed in the majority of states of India, perhaps the directors and producers do not see the need to create an action film based on gambling. That could be why there have not been many big films based on casinos in Bollywood over the last few years. There are numerous classic films that have been based on casinos in India, and we’ll go through the most well-known films of them. The films included in this list are not in any specific order.

  1. Teen Patti (2010)

The first film that we’ll discuss is the movie Teen Patti by Leena Yadav. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan as Professor Venkat Subramaniam. The movie is a tale about Perci as well as Venkat, who work together using probability to win Patti, the Indian card game called Teen Patti.

Indian actor Shraddha Kapoor and British actor Ben Kingsley also have significant parts in the film. The majority of the story takes place in London the audience gets to experience a myriad of London casinos. Even though the film was not a hit with critics, it received positive reviews, but the majority of people loved the film.

Teen Patti, a type of Poker, is among the most popular games played in India. The film’s title implies that there are many Teen Patti scenes in the film.

  1. Striker (2010)

While not specifically a film about casinos, the primary concept of the film Striker revolves around gambling. Chandan Arora was the director, and it features Siddharth, Anupam Kher, Vidya Malavade as well as other actors. When it was released, Striker was a surprise to the public’s radar. However, the film has garnered much acclaim from critics and the public after that.

The film didn’t do very well at the box office and was made available on YouTube. Despite its poor performances on the screen, it was praised by critics. In addition, the film has gained a fan base in India.

  1. Gambler (1971)

Let’s travel into the 1970s. The two films on this list were released in 2010. However, the film Gambler is from 1971. Even though it’s an old-fashioned film, the classic is an excellent watch for anyone who loves casinos.

The film stars Govinda as the main character. The film tells the story of Inspector Dayashanker and the incident which follows his sudden triumph in uncovering a shady criminal plot. Zaheeda Shatrughan Sinha, as well as Silpa Shetty are also actors in this classic action film. The gripping story of gambling will grab you, and the songs in the film are among the top of their time.

  1. Jannat (2008)

The fourth film that we have included is the 2008 romance/crime Jannat. The film tells the story of Arjun Dixit, a young gambler drawn into gambling every night. Even though the theme is a casino, romance takes up the bulk of the movie.

Emraan Hashmi, who stars opposite Sonal Chauhan, steals the spotlight in the film. The film received mostly favourable reviews from critics and fans. Additionally, the film was an enormous success across the globe. Numerous casino and gambling scenes within the film will fill the void of movie buffs who love casinos.

  1. The Great Gambler (1979)

The 1979 action film The Great Gambler, which starred Amitabh Bachchan, Prem Chopra, Zeenat Aman, and Neetu Singh, makes another movie on this list. The film has everything you could want in an action thriller: criminals, spies and gangsters, as well as secret agents and undercover operations.

Although the film wasn’t popular at first, however, many have praised the film’s cinematography as well as its direction. The title implies that gambling is among the main elements of the film. The film stars old-fashioned Amitabh Bachchan in gambling scenes.

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