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Top Free And Simple WordPress Themes of 2022

Simple WordPress Themes

Are you new to WordPress and looking for simple WordPress themes? In this article, you will be looking at some of the best and most free simple WordPress themes. But before that, since you are a newbie, let’s look at what WordPress is.


WordPress is a Content Management System that lets you create websites and manage the content around them. The user can be anyone with or without knowledge of coding and web development. That’s right! This platform can be used by anyone with or without coding knowledge. It works on the drag-and-drop principle. Using WordPress, you can create websites for your blogs, websites, and portfolios. Adding and removing your content from your website is also no big deal. Most of the websites you find on the internet are created using WordPress as it is one of the best website builders you can find. 

Creating a website using this platform is child’s play. Here, you get pre-structured designs of templates for your web pages where you just have to add your desired content to give it the look you want. You can use themes to give your website a complete look. You can also customize and personalize your website the way you like.

Now that you’ve got a gist of what WordPress is, let’s look at some of the Best WordPress Themes

Top Free Simple WP Themes:

Simple and minimalist themes are a great choice for a beginner to start creating websites. Such themes are easy to use and install. They require less effort to get started even for people with no coding experience. And since these themes are on WordPress, each of them is tested and reviewed to make sure that the installation and setup are secure and safe. You can safely use the themes available on WordPress for your projects. 

Some of the best free simple WP themes are;

VW Digital Marketing WP Theme:

This free and simple WordPress theme gives your website a professional look. Digital marketing themes can be used for creating marketing blogs and business websites. This theme is highly responsive while being simple and user-friendly. If you are a digital marketing agency owner you should use this theme to create the best website for your business. Some of the features of this theme are; responsive design, logo upload, slider settings, secure and optimized codes, and the latest WordPress Compatibility. 

This is a ready-to-use free theme and has pre-structured templates and pages. This theme has SEO-optimised codes and helps you get good ranks in web searches. With this theme, you can easily change the colors and fonts, update the logo, and much more. Lastly, this theme is a great choice for marketing businesses and brands.

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VW Industrial WP Theme:

VW industrial WP theme is a free and simple WordPress Theme that you will have no difficulty using and installing. It is simple yet suitable for industrial and engineering work. If you are an industrial business owner then this theme is a great choice for your business. Besides, with this theme, you can not only promote your business but you can also create an online eCommerce store that will help you sell your products creating a revenue stream for your business. 

Additionally, this theme is responsive, user-friendly, and cross-browser compatible which gives the users a great experience and will make them visit again. Besides, the optimized SEO codes in this theme will help you reach more people and gain better ranks in the search results. In addition, you can customize fonts and colors to give your website a unique look and show your creativity. 

VW Fashion Designer:

The VW Fashion Designer WP theme is a preferable choice for people from the fashion industry. This theme is specially designed to cater to the needs of any business and profession in this industry. The Fashion Designer theme comes with advanced slider effects and control options. VW Fashion Designer is also responsive and cross-browser compatible. This means your website can be accessed through any browser and device. With a modern and elegant design, this theme is perfect for a fashion brand’s website.

This theme comes with WooCommerce compatibility which you can use to create an online store for selling your fashion products online. Furthermore, you can list and display your products category wise which will help your visitors to search for their required product easily. Lastly, your website will not only have a blog section but also a newsletter section which will let your users stay updated on the latest fashion and trends. 


Lastly, we would like to add that free stuff is loved by everyone and we hope you loved the above-mentioned free simple WordPress themes. And if not you can browse some more at Best WordPress Themes and Free WordPress Themes. At last, you can also check our WordPress Theme Bundle where you can get all our premium themes at just $99.00!

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