Useful Tips for Safe Car Transportation from Mumbai to Chennai

Vehicle transportation is as chaotic as a household relocation is. This also requires adequate skills and a plan to get organized to transport your car from Mumbai to Chennai. A single mistake while choosing a packers and movers company or preparing your car for transportation can cost you a lot. Hence, it’s important to take the right approach for car transportation from Mumbai to Chennai.

If you want to transport your four-wheeler from Mumbai to Chennai without any damages then read this article till the end. Here we will tell you the useful tips that will help you to safely and securely your vehicle to another state. Just follow the tips we have discussed below: –

Car Transportation Tips

Appoint a Reliable Car Transporter

If you are planning to transport your car by yourself then stop doing it because driving your car to a long-distance place is neither easy nor safe. Have you ever thought about what would you do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road? Before taking any big decision, think about the consequences and then take the right decision.

Hence, it’s important to book a reliable car transport company in Mumbai that is functional to Chennai as well. They can help you to get your car shipped from Mumbai to Chennai without any hassles and damages. Professional car transporters are experienced and skilled experts, who know how to safely handle the car and relocate it to the desired location. Also, they use appropriate technologies, techniques, and equipment to load and unload the vehicle. So, there’s nothing to worry about while handing your car over to the transporter.

To hire the right car transport service provider in Mumbai, get quotes from multiple reputed companies. This will let you know which company fits your budget and meets your requirements. Hire the most appropriate one after comparing quotations.

Prepare your car for transportation

Only hiring a reliable car transport company from Mumbai to Chennai is not enough for a safe car transportation experience, but also you will have to prepare your car for the transportation.

Transporters will come to pick your car from your house (if opted for a door-to-door car transportation service). They will drive the car from your house to their warehouse and load it onto the truck or trailer, whatever transportation medium you have opted for.

This means they will not going to do anything and simply transport the vehicle. Thus, it’s your responsibility to prepare your car for transportation. Do the following to prepare your car before handing over it to movers: –

Clean it

All the scratches and dents on your car will be visible after cleaning. So, get your car thoroughly cleaned by professionals or you can do it yourself as well. Check the dents thoroughly and click pictures. These photos will help you to know if there are any new dents on the car then it means your movers have damaged the car during shifting.

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Remove accessories

Before handing your car over to transporters remove all the accessories that can get damaged or damage your car during transportation.

Empty fuel tank

Either empty the fuel tank or just keep it ¼ full. Only this much fuel is required to load and unload the car, the rest of the fuel will do nothing but increase the weight of your car. And, this will incur extra charges.

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Do not keep anything inside

If you are thinking you can transport a few of your belongings but this shouldn’t be done without informing your movers. Well, this could increase the car transportation charges as a load of your car will be increased and also movers’ responsibility to safely transport them. hence, they may increase their fees. Also, the goods may get tossed inside the car and can damage your precious vehicle. Therefore, skip keeping anything inside the car.

Check for leaks

No logistics and transport companies allow transporting a car with the leakage problem. So, check the undercarriage of the vehicle for leaks and ensure there are no leaks otherwise, movers will cancel transportation.

Check the tire pressure

Ensure the tires of the car are properly inflated because over and under-inflated tires are at higher risk of getting damaged.

Get Your Vehicle Insured

Everything is uncertain. When you relocate or move your vehicle to a long-distance place then chances of damages are also higher. Thus, it’s important to insure your vehicle before transporting it. Buy transit insurance from your movers or you can contact an insurance company for this. Insurance will help you to recover any damages cost that has occurred during transit. So, always prefer to get transit insurance before handing over your four-wheeler to the transporters.

Relocation from one state to another is a difficult task, especially when you are transporting one of your most valuable items. All the above tips are useful for safe and smooth car delivery. If you don’t want to damage your car even with a single scratch then follow the tips discussed above and enjoy a hassle-free move.


Although relocation is a tough task, the tips mentioned above will surely help you to have a safe and smooth car transportation experience. Keep all these things in your mind to ensure safe the safety of your vehicle. And, do not forget to book a reliable car transport company from Mumbai to Chennai. They can help you transport your vehicle safely and smoothly without any hassles.

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