What are the Ways to Take Care of your tyres?

Tyre care is a process that keeps alloy wheels in the best possible shape to ensure they stay looking good for years to come. It’s also important because when tyres are not cared for properly, it can have negative consequences on their lifespan – reducing the miles you get out of your tyres means having to spend more money on replacements, not to mention being less environmentally friendly.

Although All Season Tyres Swadlincote care may sound like something only car enthusiasts would be interested in, all drivers could benefit from improved wheel appearance and improved tyre life. Bear in mind that if your alloy wheels are already looking far from pristine, then you should seek help straight away. The last thing you want is for your alloys to rust or corrode, which will drastically shorten their lifespan, so get in touch with a professional alloy wheel refurbishing service today.

A guide to caring for your alloy wheels (and tyres)

If you’re using the right products and following the correct procedures, then there’s no reason why tyres can’t look shining for years into the future. Remember that any mistakes will only cost you more money in terms of tyre replacements – not forgetting environmental concerns.

What am I supposed to be doing?

If you own alloy wheels of any description, they should always be cleaned before applying gentle pressure with a soft brush or cloth. You should avoid scrubbing too hard because this could lead to scuffs and scratches.

  • Although this is controversial, we would still advise against leaving any tyre dressing on your rims for too long (more than overnight). Most modern dressings contain harsh ingredients like petroleum and silicone, which will cause problems if they come into contact with skin – it’s also not great for your tyres either as it can allow them to overheat while you’re driving.
  • When cleaning your Cheap Tyres Swadlincote you mustn’t use metal scouring pads or steel wool – this will scratch the surface and leave permanent marks. You should use a soft sponge or cloth instead; if you want to go the extra mile, some people also like to use products containing enzymes that can help break down any dirt without damaging the surface of your alloy wheels.

If you do want to use more specialist products, then we would recommend cleaning brake discs and pads with an all-in-one like the tyre Gel, which can be used on both sides of your car – save time and money by using the same product on your tyres and brake discs/pads as well as bonnet, headlamps and exterior trim (to name but a few).

Once you’ve cleaned your tyres and brakes, they should look sparkling new again, so all that’s left to do is clean the rest of your car; we recommend using some wax or sealant like Regulars Ultimate Polish. This will nourish any paintwork on your car (and protect it) while also locking in that fresh tyre shine – alternatively, if you want something more budget-friendly, then Turtle Wax Ice looks like a solid choice.

Remember that caring for alloy wheels doesn’t end with cleaning; you should always store them safely inside when not in use (most manufacturers advise against leaving alloy wheels outside for too long) because this will significantly increase their lifespan.

Finally, if your alloy wheels look so dull, you can always try giving them a coat of car polish/wax afterwards – this will work wonders for extremely dirty tyres or if the paintwork is starting to chip away around the edges. However, avoid using wax on new alloy wheels because it will only attract more dirt and dust over time – now that’s not cool!

That’s it then – there are plenty of options available when cleaning alloy wheels, but hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which method is best suited to your needs.

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