What to look for in a Flutter developer : Salary, location, and skills

Are you one of those companies that keep looking for the best talent, and even after taking hundreds of interviews, the requirement remains unfulfilled? Well, hiring software developers has always been an agony for most of us. Ahm… not most of us, actually. But for only those founders and startuppers who do not know how to source and screen the right candidates for a particular technology. 

No offense was intended. Because I wanted to help maximum businesspeople, I researched the hot technology in the software market that every other brand uses. And you wouldn’t believe the result was just what my intuition told me. Flutter it is!

If you have been thinking about the Flutter project, the post is a treat for you!

If not, there will be important tips even non-Flutter users can also apply. But I would say you better switch to Flutter. It is modern technology coming from none other than technology giant Google. So, you won’t ever regret it; I promise you that.

Now, let us explore how to locate and hire Flutter developers before the article turns into “why use Flutter.” I will answer why to hire Flutter developers, anyways. 😉

Why hire Flutter developers?

Flutter is backed by Google and developed as an open-source mobile app development framework. It is a cross-platform SDK for building native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. Flutter has been gaining popularity in the last few months because of its simplicity, high-performance rendering, and scalability.

The demand for hiring Flutter developers has increased substantially in the last few months because of these three reasons mainly:

1) Flutter accelerates time to market;

2) It has high-performance rendering;

3) Flutter scales well with an increasing number of users;

Furthermore, Google has already launched two releases this year so far, reaching Flutter 3.0. With each release, the platform is getting mightier, surpassing its competitors like React Native and Xamarin. Flutter is not limited to mobile and web app development anymore.

Flutter 3.0 brought stable support for desktop and even game development toolkit. As this cross-platform framework is spreading its wings, more and more companies from various industries and even developers have started taking on Flutter for a secure future.

Skills to look into Flutter developers

Flutter has qualities to make your development faster and more efficient but to leverage its capabilities to the fullest, you need developers. Not any but proficient developers who know this marvelous SDK and UI framework inside out. How would you decide if your ideal candidate has traits suitable to your project requirements?

Don’t stress much, as I have compiled a checklist of skills you can rely on when assessing or screening Flutter developers.

  • Prior experience in native app development for Android/iOS and deployment on Google Play/App Store.
  • Hands-on experience in frontend languages like HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented programming languages, such as Java and C++.
  • Understanding of version control tools like Git, Subversion, etc. 
  • Firsthand experience of IDEs, e.g., Android Studio, VS Code, etc.
  • Awareness of the Waterfall and Agile Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Knowledge of Dart programming language, third-party API integrations, and Rest APIs.
  • Familiar with various test cases for debugging code and enhancing performance and reliability.

Ways to hire Flutter developers

You have a whole world to find your ideal Flutter developers. However, taking interviews with thousands of developers is not feasible. Therefore, there are certain ways you can narrow down developer options as per your business requirements. Don’t ask about in-house. It is freakishly expensive to maintain Flutter developers, provide training, and monthly salary even if they were not working on weekends. 

So, let’s find out what other ways you can choose to hire your Flutter developer.


Outsourcing your Flutter project is a threshold to a large pool of talent. You can hire an offshore or onshore Flutter development outsourcing company that has developers working on a daily basis with Flutter. Such companies also ensure timely delivery, post-development support, and iteration as per your feedback. The best part is you get all the services in one pre-defined package. No overtime pay or any statutory pay. 


By its name, you must get the idea that such Flutter developers work remotely. You can easily find freelance Flutter developers on platforms, for example, Upwork, Topper, LinkedIn, etc. They work individually and on more than one project simultaneously. Although it’s low-cost, unless you have a not-so-important task or job to get done, I would not suggest hiring freelancers. 

Full-time engagement model

Like outsourcing, there are standard Flutter development companies offering exclusively robust app development solutions for long-term projects. So, when you want to extend your existing team or get your project developed by professionals, you can hire Flutter developers from them. 

They will work on your payroll, but unlike the in-house team, you won’t be bearing maintenance costs. Such Flutter developers work dedicatedly on your project, directly associating with the company. As a result, they deliver the exact solution you describe in your requirement aligned to your goals.

Flutter developer hourly rate variation 

Knowing the hourly rate of Flutter developers is essential before you even draft your hiring requirements. It is no surprise that development rates are highly volatile and different based on the developer’s location. But if you know that the rate complies with the expertise you will receive in exchange, you can decide rationally. For example;

The USA:

Pros: high-quality services, comfortable to collaborate

Cons: developers’ availability, high rates

Flutter developer rates: $75-$120 per hour


Pros: high-quality services, affordable costs, cultural compatibility

Cons: developers’ availability varies by countries

Flutter developer rates: $70-$90 per hour 


Pros: relatively a new outsourcing destination, low rates;

Cons: legal & business processes, communication skills;

Flutter developer rates: $45-50 per hour


Pros: developers’ availability, low costs, service quality,  

Cons: communication skills (can be overcome by mutual scheduling)

Flutter developer rates: $15-$40 per hour

Steps to find the right Flutter app development company for your project

Lastly, I want to mention several cool steps that will help you assess Flutter developers no matter what country or way you choose to hire. Please pay heed.

1 Define your project needs–Why do you need to hire Flutter developers?

2 Hunt down the best Flutter development providers for your needs–search on GoodFirms, Clutch, etc.

3 Analyze the website of companies you found suitable in step 2–do they have an impressive portfolio and client feedback?

4 Get connected with the Flutter company and convey your project eloquently.

5 Understand their engagement models and choose the one with high benefits for your project. 

6 Ask to meet and interview developers who will be working on your app.

7 Shake hands. 

Also, don’t forget to clear things, such as post-development services, maintenance services, and NDA agreement. Of course, if they already mentioned all this in the engagement models, then you wouldn’t need to ask.

That’s it, buddying startuppers/entrepreneurs. You have the roadmap to get to your destination now. I know you enjoyed the post, or else why would you be reading this right now. Joking apart, be careful and mindful while you hire Flutter developers as it decides the fate of your app performance and time-to-market. And nowadays, no one uses the app with poor performance and frequent crashes. There are ample alternatives for everything. It doesn’t take time for users to switch over.

So, better be alert while developing than freaking out because of a buggy app later. Comment your queries, and I will surely answer.

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