Why Alliot House Is a Perfect Student Accommodation London

Alliot House is definitely a perfect name when it comes to student accommodation London. This was the high quality student accommodation situated in the heart of London. It is a fully-furnished place of stay and it provides a homely feel to the individuals.

Alliot House is a perfect accommodation for students in all ways. It offers fantastic rooms, wonderful amenities, and a lot more to the students. Let’s have a look at some of the wonderful things that you get when you book this delightful student accommodation London.

Excellent Studios and Ensuite Rooms with Various Categories

In Alliot House, ensuite rooms and studios are available for the students. These two types of accommodations are getting popular today among more and more overseas students in the United Kingdom.

The ensuite rooms, as well as studios, are available in different categories. Below are the categories of both among which the students can acquire as per their requirements.

Ensuite Rooms: Bronze Ensuite Lower Level, Bronze Ensuite Mid Level, Silver Ensuite Lower Level, Silver Ensuite Mid Level, Gold Ensuite Mid Level, Gold Ensuite Upper Level, Bronze Ensuite XL Lower Level, Bronze Ensuite XL Mid Level, Bronze Ensuite Upper Level, Bronze Ensuite XL Upper Level, Silver Ensuite XL Lower Level, Silver Ensuite XL Mid Level, Silver Ensuite Upper Level, Silver Ensuite XL Upper Level, Gold Ensuite Lower Level, Gold Ensuite XL Lower Level, Gold Ensuite XL Mid Level, Gold Ensuite XL Upper Level, Gold Ensuite Penthouse, Bronze Ensuite Lower Level (Affordable), and Bronze Ensuite XL Lower Level (Affordable).

student accommodation in london

Student accommodation London

Studios: Silver Studio Lower Level, Silver Studio Mid Level, Platinum Studio Lower Level, Platinum Studio Mid Level Premium View, Platinum Studio Upper Level, Platinum Studio Penthouse, Platinum Studio Penthouse Premium View, Platinum Studio Upper Level Premium View, Bronze Studio Penthouse, Studio, Silver Studio Penthouse, Platinum Studio Lower Level Premium View, Platinum Studio Penthouse Premium View Dual, Platinum Studio Penthouse XL, Platinum Studio XL Penthouse Premium View, Gold Studio Upper Level, Gold Studio Penthouse, Diamond Studio Lower Level Premium View, Diamond Studio Lower Level, Diamond Studio Mid Level Premium View, and Diamond Studio Upper Level Premium View.

Both of these types of accommodations comprise world-class facilities for the students.

Arrangements for Disturbance-Free Studies

This is one of the utmost needs for the students. At Alliot House, the individuals get the full arrangement of the disturbance-free studies.

Students find a study room for this purpose. On the other hand, a study table and chair are available in every room and studio.

Alliot House London

Access to the World Wide Web

Internet or the World Wide Web is a major requirement for everyone today, and for students, it becomes an utmost need. All the tasks from shopping to studies and from staying in touch with loved ones to completing projects or assignments are accomplished through the internet.

Therefore, an internet connection has become a necessary requirement. At Alliot House, the students get a Wi-Fi connection through which they can connect their laptops and smartphones easily to the internet. The Wi-Fi connection available here is inclusive of bills.

Games for Pleasure

When the students tired, playing games can give them immense pleasure and relaxation. Therefore, Alliot House provides them an excellent arrangement for gaming.

There is a pool table available to play pool. Moreover, the arrangement for foosball can also be found to provide great fun to the individuals.

Television for Entertainment and News

In their spare time, the students can get entertained through some good TV shows on the television available in the rooms or studios. One can also stay connected with the world through the news channels.

Common Area for Socialization

If you like to make new friends then you can fulfill this interest easily in Alliot House. The common area is available where you can befriend other residents living in this property and can meet them at any time.

Here, you can also get the help of other residents in your studies and provide them help also when they need it.

Cozy Environment inside the Rooms

In cold countries like England, heating is a prominent requirement inside the rooms and houses. In the rooms and studios for student accommodation in Alliot House also, there is an arrangement of heating, for keeping the environment cozy. This service is inclusive of bills.

Well-Connected via Public Transport

Alliot House is located in the area, which is well-connected public via transport. The nearest bus stop is just within a distance from a stone’s throw away. You find the Blackhorse Road subway station just within the walking distance of 15 minutes. You can reach St James Street train station in less than 20 minutes on foot.

So, it is very easy for you to reach the significant destinations of London and nearby cities as well as the universities by the students.

To Sum Up

Alliot House is perfect student accommodation in London with all the significant amenities for the students. You can get a lot more facilities and services apart from those mentioned above.

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