Why custom Box Printing is an Absolute Necessity for CBD Business?

Can CBD businesses create brand differentiation in crowded markets? Modern box printing adds just the right amount of zest and creativity to enthrall the onlookers.

If you are asking yourself: how does customization aid in boosting brand awareness? We have the right answer for you! Below are some eye-opening facts about modern printing methods.

  1. Building a custom brand image.
  2. Incorporating litho or digital printing techniques.
  3. A full spectrum of colors to pick from.
  4. A short turnaround time with minimum errors.
  5. Designing the boxes with modern aesthetics and patterns.
  6. Specialist box engineers guiding through the whole printing procedure.

The beauty of using custom printing options is that they can be molded in multiple ways to give varied looks to the boxes

  • What is the product?

CBD items vary from skincare items to edibles and relaxing oils. Naturally, the boxes must depict this product info. Things like the right usage instructions, storing info, and brand details are a must.

  • Who is buying the products?

Your customers decide the box appearance. Millennials are more up for sustainable boxes. Older buyers respond well to light shades and elucidating illustrations. All these variants gel well with swift printing methods.

  • How are your products distributed?

Shipping details are different from displays at retail racks. Customers shopping at physical retail outlets look for a distinctive box appeal that sets them apart from the rest. The boxes are more focused on giving a retainable unboxing feel.

What can you do to maximize printing effects?

Establishing news brands in the CBD markets is no mean feat. Numerous regulations and dense competition make it a tough job.

Below are some tips that can optimize the impact of printing on your CBD boxes.

  1. Make your printing consistent with the brand

The baseline is to ensure that the boxes look like an extension of your brand image. Using random graphics and colors may not work well for branding. The idea is to make the boxes a marketing tool and let customers link the box appearance to the signature brand identity. Putting in logos, brand titles, and relevant illustrations creates brand awareness.

  1. Add essential printing elements

Your ultimate goal is to make sure that your customers understand the products. CBD items are regulated and require certain production details to be displayed on the boxes. These typically include the expiry dates, country of manufacture, nutrition info, ingredients used, etc.

The trick is to select clear font styles and colors that don’t merge with the box background. The content must be visible and easy to read. Checking for errors and mistakes is also a good way to ensure that the right box printing is put across.

  1. Deploy packaging layers

There are mainly three layers to a packaging box. Utilizing these correctly would unlock the key to impressing more customers. These are:

  • Outer layer: this is what customers see first. The outer cover is where the brand image is printed. Make the most of it by designing a memorable box layout. Certain printing effects like laminations and coatings help protect the boxes from wearing off during transit.
  • Inner layer: as the customers open the boxes, they are introduced to the products. Putting handwritten notes or printing personalized messages works to generate customer loyalty. Printing product details on the inner box sides is a modern way to establish a direct connect with customers.
  • Custom inserts: certain CBD items have varied parts and all of them are packaged together using inserts. These custom additions help to hold fragile items in place too. Branding the customer inserts is a wise way to reinforce the brand image.

An extravagant style or a simplistic one, the choice is yours. Box manufacturers always advise on staying relevant to your brand image.

box printing

  1. Get feedback

Several brands create samples or limited edition stocks to test how the customers would perceive the boxes. This way, all customer demographics can be better targeted with printing that works precisely for them. Ask customers for feedback by printing your social media and website addresses.

  1. As a designer for help

Designing and printing through these box specialists mean fewer accidents and errors and more on-point printing. The best part is that you can print on as many boxes as you desire. Printing partners give freedom in choosing the printing inks, effects, color combos, and more custom options.

Remember to ask for the design templates in the correct file format. Box engineers can be consulted to put forth cost-effective printing expenses.


Modern printing facilities have made it convenient to achieve a host of marketing objectives. What you have is top-notch CBD boxes at competitive prices!

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